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  1. Goodridge brake lines offer

    CRN Products (Brake Specialists) Shop
    Just having a bit of a sort through stock, these three set of hoses have been on the shelf a while so i'm offering them slightly cheaper than the cheapest i could find on Ebay. TBW0050-4P 316-325 E36 92ON 4 LINE KIT £50.00 SBW1100-4P MINI ONE COOPER PRE 09/2003 £75.50 SBW0011-4P 316-325 E30...
  2. Goodridge brake lines

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi, This is more of a general question rather than a car specific one, but has anyone else here ever fitted Goodridge stainless brake lines ? Im fitting mine tomorrow after finishing a complete brake rebuild, but the fittings on the hoses are REAL tight, even after running a tap through the...
  3. Group Buy - Goodridge - Braided Brake Hose Kit

    CRN Products (Brake Specialists) Shop
    I would like to see if I can start something off as I would like to get this group buy going again!! On The bottom of the thead where the preivous prices from the other group buy. Feel Free to see if they can go lower.:thumbsup For me what price could you do for ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid...