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    As above really, I have a 1995 E36 M3 (3.0) saloon and need to replace the steering rack, I have a replacement rack from a 1998 Evo (3.2) coupe. I'm pretty sure it a direct replacement but just need somebody to put my mind at ease, is it straight swap? Is the evo rack any quicker ie. less turns...
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    So you own a ps3? Have you modded it? I totally agree with the idea that if you buy something you own it, sony apparently does not.. read on
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    Just thought i would share i little video with you of my mate ed having a bit of a bop at the NYE party i went to this year. He's a bit of a geek and to look at him you would think he was a timid lil guy but when he hits the dance floor he busts some crazy moves and i find it funny as hell...