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    G'day all. Have used this forum many times to sort my BMW niggles so thought it was time to sign up so I can throw some of my input into helping others that may have experienced some of the issues I have resolved. Have so far owned a 316, 520d, X5 (E53) and currently a 2008 318i (E90). Big up to...
  2. Introductions
    Hi ya! I'm David aka "Eight". I just wanted to say thanks for letting me join. I joined because you have yourselves an awesome forum. I'm just a Dumb Aussie, but I've lived in the UK (I can do a cracker of an East London accent as I lived up that way in Leyton) and openly accept that we...
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    Hello everyone and boy am I excited to finally own a 2006 BMW 120d 5d. A real one too, just to top it off. I'm a fitter mechanic by trade but currently off the tools, so I can help with electrical questions relating mainly to high voltage distribution networks. In other words, I know stuff all...
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    Hi guys, as the title says I'm a fellow Bimmer nerd from the Antipodes. Looking forward to drooling over your cars & hopefully learn a thing or two :)
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    Hey all, names trev. Joined up because a mate told me this is the place to be for all things bmw. I like to fix up old and damaged cars in my spare time and have recently moved onto bmws. Previous bmws ive had are e30 318is and an e30 325sport! Currently have a daily driver which is a e36 320i...
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    Hi All, Been dipping in here for advice over the years and found you guys a valuable source of information. Finally made an account in order to join in and get some advice on a particular problem I'm having atm. Benny's got 211K on the clock now and has served me well over the past 16 years...
  7. Introductions
    Hi All...I'm from Australia and I have just bought my first little Bimmer! Got a 1991 318i E30 that I will be working on over the years. Love it! I have only ever owned V8's so at this stage I have no idea what I'm doing!! hoping this site will point me in the right direction Cheers Nathan
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    hello girls and guys- how is everyone? i've got a 525 deseisel m-sport which i love! only remapped with a decent ice install atm but plans are afoot when funds allow- replace 'when' with 'if'- thinking wheels and a few engine bits really
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    Good evening Bimmer Forums, My name is Dale and I am a potential BMW owner in the very near future. I was brought here by my brother (I don't know his username >.<) whom owns a 320i (1992). I am an IT Techy and a very big car nut. I am currently looking at purchasing a 740iL E38, so if I did...
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    Just a quick hello to all you peeps. Just bought a 335D M Sport Coupe, 44k, 2007 from Halliwell Jones Warrington. Love it already and I've only had it 2 days. Its a whole lot different from my last car, a mapped 225 Audi TT. Linear power delivery all the way, and not as bumpy. Hey and a bit...
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    Been on here for a little while now, though I'd say HI! Owned an 1999 E36 316i compact for a couple of years, then craved more power and bought a 2002 E46 330ci off ebay for £5,500..... WOW what a step up! an awesome car, still after a year I go out for a drive for no reason except for the...
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    Hey all, Just found this site and thought I would post up! I'm from Sydney and I'm currently driving an e46 318 ti compact, absolute pain of a car, but perfection when working properly! So yeah, hi! Andy
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    G'day ladys and gents. *new photos Well, I've been a big fan of BMW's for as long as I can remember, but only reciently have I been in a position to own one.. well 2 now :) I've been looking around for good comprehensive forums for a bit now & I must say this board is the pick of the lot...
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    Hi to everyone. I've just written off my Volvo S80 T6, so I thought I'd give a 728 E38 a go. Happy so far, but it has issues which I'll put other posts on about later. Paul.