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  1. BMW ECU Tuning and Standalone Tuning
    Hi All , Just looking to get my BM remapped , what are the average gains ? ive looked across a few places and it seems to be 45bhp -70bhp , is that about right ? Also I'm based in Lincoln and looking for a local but recommended place to take my BMW E93 325D for a remap . Any Ideas ? Regards
  2. E36
    BMW E36 Underdrive Power Pulleys | Turner Motorsport 11hp gain is a bit of a bold claim. Anyone have any experience with these? Would you recommend them? Any dyno tests?
  3. BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi All, I know this will have been covered a lot but I couldn't find what I wanted so am sending it out there. I'm considering a remap. The garage I am using puts an autologic remap in so that's probably what I'm headed for. Autologic were very helpful and provided the power stats, but...
  4. BWchiptune Feedback Forum
    Here is a forum members write up and dyno graph of there 330ci after our bw aggressive remap
  5. BMW Z Series - Tech Talk Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8, Z9
    Got a 3.0 Z3 i'm preparing for drift. It's used on the road so not going to be to hardcore. Just Wondering about decays or sports cats? Does it free up much power or torque on these engines? Do you lose any low down torque?! I'm not worried about mot time, I can always refit the cat if needs...
  6. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    hi i am new to this forum! my car has been sitting for over 4 months and battery has completely died. i have both keys but the one key cylinder in the drivers side door is broken the key just spins round freely! i am looking to get the car back on the road asap! just need to open it first! ...
  7. BMW Tuning Forum
    As above, I recently bought a 320, it's a 1995 and engine wise is standard with the exception of an exhaust, imnot sure which exhaust it is though. Without an engine swap, which isn't completely out of the question what are the option with regards to performance upgrades? Thanks will
  8. Emaps Performance Shop
    as above, im tempted to have it remapped after i get a decat but im nervous about putting undue stress on it and using excessive fuel what gains could you achieve safely?
  9. General BMW Discussions
    hi all, im currently looking to buy a new car, ive got a 323 se auto e46 which is gong, and i want a manual ci, however i cant seem to find a 323ci or 320ci for the money i have, so i was wondering if i bought a 318ci then got it remapped would the power/0-60 etc be close to the 320ci? i know...
  10. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi all Having problems trying to gain access to high level brake light. There are 2 led's blown. I would just like to be able to access the unit. Have been looking on the net, tried haynes etc. Thanks
1-10 of 12 Results