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  1. Introductions
    Hello, My name is Jacques and I live in Belgium. My car is an E46 330Cd convertible, built in 2006.
  2. General BMW Discussions
    Drivetrain malfunction message came on again. car was in to dealers in March where they replaced the vanos solenoid and did some sort of update. Yesterday in a 50 mph section of the M1 it came on again " Drivetrain , continue the journey at a moderate pace full performance not available have the...
  3. Items WANTED - Post any wanted adverts in here
    just realised the car I purchased has had the alloys repaired due to cracking and also had the wrong size of tyre fitted which has tripped my tp sensor anything considered but include pics please
  4. BMW Tuning Forum
    I have a e46 3 series saloon 4 doors more whores :) haha.if i apply handbrake tight and judder clutch whilst in gear so the car dips and then release i get a slight noking noise is this normal to have a little nock in these circumstances?any help would be greatly appreciated.
1-4 of 4 Results