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  1. 2005 E60 535d, recovery from a ford too deep!

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    I have seen a couple of gloom and doom stories about bent con-rods etc when folks have driven through floods or fords so I thought I should share my more positive experience. I wish I could tell you that my wife had driven through the ford but no, it was me. She was sitting next to me telling...
  2. Ford Fiesta 1.4L flame clutch problems

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi, Sorry this isn't about a BMW but maybe somebody is familiar with these or can point me to a good fiesta forum? My friend's Ford Fiesta's clutch isn't disengaging. She puts her foot down on the clutch pedal and the engine stays in gear. I thought the clutch would have snapped/disconnected...
  3. Ford MKII Granada

    not a BMW
    Someone parked one of these on my street yesterday, I'd not seen one in ages. My Dad had one for years and I'd always wanted one since I started driving, but they're getting harder to find year on year and the few that are left are mint examples that cost more than an E46 M3. I heard it start...
  4. Ford Sierra with a BMW 325 TDS engine in it, air filter problems HELP :)

    hi there, ive just finished putting a 325 tds engine in my ford sierra but couldnt keep the standard air box as it doesnt clear the steering rack, so ive put a cone filter on a bit of pipe which comes off the turbo, but im worried about water being pulled up into the air filter and then into the...
  5. Ford Mustang finally coming to the UK

    BFuk Open Topic
    I'm a recent convert to American muscle cars. I hired a Challenger RT 5.7 hemi in Vegas a few months back and have caught the bug. So anyone else tempted when the Mustang comes to the UK? New Ford Mustang: coming to the UK - BBC Top Gear Ian
  6. BMW M60 Lump into 1931 Ford Model A Coupe...

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Right, well for starts this is most likely in the wrong place on here as I have no idea how all these Euro forums work, hot rod forums make much more sense post in the 'how to' and your done! But will give this a go for a change! Looking for info on tuning an M60 4 litre lump which is going in...
  7. BMW Z3 daily driver opinions please

    General BMW Discussions
    So I have recently changed my job and live about 20 mintues away from work now, rather than the 1h 30m commute of the past :thumbsup Playing the "what car could I buy with £xxxx on eBay" game I found out that the Z3 is surprising in my price range. I've always lusted over them but am wondering...
  8. Old school Ford boy turning to the dark side!

    Hi everyone, my name is Steve and I am a die hard Ford boy but it just does not seem to cut it any more plus friends & friends of friends have that there BMW's. I am really interested in drifting, the plan was to have a MX-5, as good as they are they are still under powered and Jap so BMW is...
  9. Hello All - Ditching my Ford, FINALLY

    Good afternoon all, I've finally taken the plunge and put a deposit on a 2010 318D M-Sport. Haven't got it yet, but thought I'd sign up to have a look around. I'm getting a 318D M-Sport (May2010), mainly for the performance AND economy, doing c.16k a year. Hope to have a few years good...
  10. Bmw powered 1955 ford pop hot rod

    Hi Guys, I am presently building a 1955 ford pop 103e, i have a 4ltr m60 v8 which i will be fitting in to the pop, i am awaiting a manual 4ltr box but at the moment the supplier hasnt found one, he has said that a 3ltr box will fit and has a quicker gear change. Has anyone tried this before...
  11. E46 m3 v ford focus st on mpg ?

    General BMW Discussions
    What it is I recently down graded my car from a focus st to a 325ci to free up sum cash no longer need the cash so was now thinking of upgrading to an e46 m3 am just a little concerned on the fuel costing as I do quite a lot of driving my st was not good on fuel but was prepared to pay it for...
  12. I strayed to Ford :\ but I'm back! :D

    Well after owning my e36, I bought an ST24 mondeo, but this should be exchanged later on today for a lovely E30 320i, in red, 1987 (D). She's an absolute gem. (and german ;) ) It feels good to be back on the right side of the fence guys :) -Cain
  13. 1977 Ford Escort

    not a BMW
    Heres some pics of my Escort that i bought in 2007. started out not in bad condition rust wise, since then i've have new wings and the bit of rust sorted, blew up the 1100 engine so fitted a 1600, replaced all the interior, fitted rs2000 dash board, had a vinyl roof fitted had it...
  14. New run about, Ford Mondeo ghia x 2.5 v6

    BFuk Open Topic
    hi Guys Look for a daily run about and this seems ok or is it over priced????? 2004 Ford Mondeo 2.5L Ghia X 5dr [6] Hatchback Many thanks for your help
  15. FORD, PUMA , alarm, pains

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi firstly dont worry the above car is not my ride (,wifes).the problem i hope some one could help with is alarm keeps going of at random .after using it wednesday set alarm .left car alarm went of 10 mins later ,went outside reset alarm ,then it was fine until this morning and off it goes again...
  16. Ford ST related question

    BFuk Open Topic
    This may be a bit of a daft question but are there two shades of blue for Ford ST's? Having a look through the web for an ST150 and there seems to be a dark shade on some and a bright shade on others:confused I thought i'd ask here before bothering another forum:D
  17. Spirits new car-1998 remapped ford mondeo 2.5 v6 st24

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well i know i was going for a new bmw but after looking at basically 8-10 sheds and overpriced junk i gave up and went looking for something else as a stop gap until work panned out and i could save up for something better to replace my old e36 328 coupe. Wanted economy really in my search but...
  18. ford focus key repair

    BFuk Open Topic
    got a 52 reg focus and the buttons have gone on the key for the locking etc, the car had 2 keys a master the the normal one, the master isnt a remote one and has a bluespot on, the remote is the 3 button type, ford want 130 qiud plus one hours labour to reprogram, now i know how to reprogram the...
  19. what one ford fiesta or mini??

    BFuk Open Topic
    hello all, ok ive got my car list down to the final two. 1) ford fiesta mk7 zetec s 1.6 120bhp (WHITE) 2) the new mini 1.6 122bhp (RED AND BLACK) both drive good and both fun.
  20. A day out in a ford focus TDCI...

    BFuk Open Topic
    went out for the day in her indoors 09 focus TDCI sludger (not really driven it much in the past) and:mad its a truly awful car ... engine- wheezy and rough as fook and more life in a tramps vest! gearbox- like a wooden spoon in a bowl of thick porridge with rocks in it! brakes-all or nothing...