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    Hi, Quite simply, if your door mirrors, or bumper trim has gone from black to grey, then for a quick fix simply rub in some peanut butter (smooth preferably, although crunchy will do the job, you'll just have bits all over the place) then buff it up, back to black, job done!
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER TOTAL YEARLY BENEFIT £6,000. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS / REFUGEES LIVING IN BRITAIN TOTAL YEARLY BENEFIT £29,900. The average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years. Sad isn't it? Shame on you Britain, u soft...
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    Guys Been to box hill at surrey for a drive has a pub and then has some twisted roads as the road shows below Box hill - YouTube Here are some pics of the area map...
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    being the cook of the household i do the food shopping and stuff, and today i really noticed the price of food going up for some reason.. a good gauge to start with is coca cola now do a 4 pack which ive never seen before but the price is the same as an old 6 pack..:eek the old tinned...
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    I was well happy to not eat the usual burgers at the pod yesterday, had a curry from McIndians instead. Last night at around 11 I was puking it all back up again, had the whole lot, sat on the bog a lot too. Haven't been able to hold even a mouthful of water down, feel like sh1t now. Anybody...
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    Folks Last time I was in London we went to Greenwich and found the amazing food markets outdoors. I've heard a rumour that they were to be shut down or at least significantly reduced...any info on that or are they still goin
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    before clicking on this:thumbsup
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    Right Chaps Me and nicky thought this maybe a good idea as the food hall in bluewater gets proper rammed, so we could meet here at 5pm The halfway house, Brentwood, ESSEX, CM13 3LL: Have some grub and a chat ( well fook around in my case:hihi), then onto some tunnel action though to...