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    Well the man flu has knocked the ****e out of me today!! Nose dribbling, sore nose, coughing !!! Jesus im dying!! Well just cracked open a bottle of Bells!! probably speak to next week then eh:lol:
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    Been suffering with it since Monday, started on the Tamiflu on Tuesday and still feel like crap. Christmas was a blur really, couldnt drink and didnt even feel like eating. So, anyone else had it,how long before you started to feel better? Merry Christmas from a very pis*** off Sparky68
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    Anyone else had these? Seem to be getting some real pain from the Pnuemonia jab, whole arm feels like its swollen, but its not.
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    If you wake up looking like this...... Don't go to work
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    Hi all, I'm back, i've been laid up for the last 5 days with 'suspected' swine flu! Not nice at all, temp of nearly 40 degrees, could hardly move out of my bed, i've eaten next to nothing for 4 of those days (least i'll drop a few pounds:hihi) I wouldn't wish that on anyone, the worst part...
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    If you get an email telling you that you can catch Swine Flu from tinned Pork products. Just delete it, It's Spam :D
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    Heres something to help
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