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  1. Auto shift knob light flickering

    BMW 1 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 1 Series
    Hi guy, just a quick one. Does anyone know what to do if your automatic shifter light flickers on the shift knob? Very frustrating! I know it’s on the display too, but when I comes to selling the car on it would be tough to explain! It’s on a 2015 125d M Sport. Thanks Andy
  2. E92 abs light flickering

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    My 3 series 320i se has been garaged for the last 4 months, took it out saturday and the abs light is flickering, engine stuttering, any ideas.:confused
  3. Flickering battery light during idle

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    When the engine is idling the battery light mostly flickers. Sometimes it is ok. I can make it do it by turning fan speed up/rear screen/lights on etc. If i rev the engine t he light disappears. I have had battery and alternator tested and both are ok. Voltages also ok during engine off/engine...
  4. 2009 E92 320i SE Highline - Flickering Rear Light on Bootlid??

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi there, Had my 2009 E92 320i SE Highline for around 4 weeks now and (touching wood) so far, so good :D However, one small niggle is that when following my wife home the other night and she was in the BMW I noticed that the small, nearside rear light on the bootlid was flickering on and off...
  5. 1992 BMW 320i (E46) Flickering red low oil light

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Flickering red oil low oil level when idling or slowing down.Never when driving along. Physical check shows oil level correct. Diagnostic checks does not reveal cause of the problem. Amber light does not light up before red oil light is flickering. Car has 76,000 miles on the clock and is...
  6. iDrive flickering - BMW 520D (2008) - iDrive screen is stable after a long drive

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    Hi Guys, My BMW(520D) 2008 car has developed a problem a month ago, with iDrive screen flickering continuously. I have checked the forum and this problem looks bit different hence the post. The flickering is continuous when the car is used for small distances in a day e.g 5 or 6 miles. When...
  7. 2008 E90 320d - flickering lights with particular symptom combination

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi, I ended up having a worrying electrical puzzle, and as local garages all want to send one to "specialist", any tips hugely appreciated - I am very afraid latter would poke around for N very expensive hours and change X things as usual, and maybe without success. The key symptoms: foot...
  8. Engine management warning flickering then went totally

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hope this is the right part of the forum. Thank you for taking the time to read and perhaps comment. When the lights finally came on fully I was able to drive home 'normally' though I didn't push anything as wanted to get home. Going to get it booked in to garage but wonder if there are any...
  9. 2008 530D Lci - Head and taillights flickering

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi, Both sets of lights front and rear flicker and have no idea where to start. Any advice appreciated thanks
  10. E90 Intermittent flickering rear indicator

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi I have a E90 and I am having issues with my rear driver side indicator. The indicator noise becomes really fast and the bulb warning light comes on. The lights do not seem to be dull or have gone out but they flicker and come on intermittently. I have uploaded a video to show the problem...
  11. E39 530i Yellow handbrake light and ABS light on, flickering sometimes.

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi, I recently bought a 2002/52 plate 530i Touring for a few hundred quid, I have an immaculate 2001 530i Saloon and love it to bits, the Touring was that bad that I initially thought I'd strip it down and keep the drivetrain and sell or scrap the rest, however after tinkering with it rather a...
  12. e39 530D - Flickering lights & Fluctuating Voltage.

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Just wondering if someone could offer some advice on this. I noticed last week that my interior lights & dash were flickering slightly when the engine was running. I put the dash into diagnostic mode and was getting rapid fluctuations in voltage between 12.9 - 14.0 volts. I immediatley...
  13. 2004 X5 4.4 Sport Engine Management Light Flickering but Running OK

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi, I just wondered if anyone might be able to shine any light on the problem which has recently transpired. Engine runs fine, accelerates OK etc. but the Engine Management light flickers 'on' & 'off' from time to time ? Can I check for fault codes without expensive diagnostics equipment ...
  14. Sat Nav Screen Flickering (going on and off) on 320d 2011 saloon

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi guys, As described in the title, I have a problem with my 320d sat nav screen. I bought the car in 2014, had it for over a year and half but within the last few months I have been having a problem with my screen... It just goes off so much and switches on for 2 seconds then goes off for up...
  15. 2007 e65 730d sport dashboard flickering & warnings - power module maybe

    BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    For some time now, every now and again the dashboard would flicker and warning lights would appear, but would soon cancel out. These used to be one-off events that might happen once every few weeks or so. I could still see the displays but there were no lights behind. The engine would still run...
  16. LED tail lights flickering

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    I've retrofitted Hella Celis units to my E39, and then swapped all of the filament bulbs for LEDs. They all work great and I've got heatsink load resistors across them to cancel the errors, the only problem I have now is that the car repeatedly self-tests the lights which causes all of the LEDs...
  17. flickering oil light at idle

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    i have e53 x5 the oil light flicker on idle and oil pressure warning on dash was thinking of cleaning the icv can anyone give directions to its location and brief description or removing thanks
  18. Flickering High Beam Dash Warning Light

    Auto Electrical Forum
    E46 330D Flickering High Beam Dash Warning Light Has anyone come across a solution for a flickering dash warning light on an e46? The high beams work fine but the warning light flickers on for a split second and then goes off, maybe once every 5 seconds but fairly random. The warning light...
  19. F11 Flickering Intermitent Bootlid Light

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I bought my 520d estate 5 days ago. I noticed when I unlock the car and the lights come on the bootlid led light flickers and after a while goes off, sometimes it may not even come on sometimes it's OK. In the user manual it says I need to contact BMW - so I...
  20. E61 535d lci boot window / brake light flickering

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Quick question - can I actuate the rear boot window from dis57? Mine is not opening. Have had some wierd goings on re brake lights too as in they sometimes flicker when the car is cold but immediately stop flickering as soon as I engage drive. Read somewhere that the rear locks are disabled...