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    doesn't go as far as I would like but its a start needs to be a £1000 fine and a ban for a few months if you ask me ! New drivers caught using phones to lose licence - BBC News
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    the squeeze is starting on the derv owners and I foresee it only getting harder in the future as other councils jump on the band waggon £20 fine for leaving diesel engine running: On the spot fines for drivers in move to cut pollution | Mail Online
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    if you are court speeding on the motorway you could be fined up to £10.000 :eek Speeding plea as fines quadruple
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    I left my girlfriends flat today (I was parked on the pavement in a resident only car park) and went to the shops parked up (front wheel just touching a double yellow) and did my shopping, about 20 minutes later I received a text message saying "Mr Steve *** H**** we have photographic evidence...
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    Has anyone ever received a speeding fine from a foriegn EU country (Germany in particular!) through the post to your home address in the UK after getting flashed by unmanned Speed Cameras? (ie. Hire Car booked with your UK Driving Licence Scenario!). Do you HAVE to pay the fine Or can you...
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    Anyone seen/heard this urban myth that's being posted everywhere about an alleged "new law" that supposedly came into force today where it is now an offence to drive without clearing the snow off the roof of your car? Big debate on another forum (an Alexa 100 forum) about it where several...
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    hi ive been pulled over by the police today. my number plate has a space in it and the 2 in it has been slightly modded.i understand that it is illegal but the police man took pics and is sending them to the dvla and he says they can take the plate off me?? has any body heard of this or had it...