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  1. F11 Pro nav Bluetooth audio finally

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    So after 3 months of owning my 2014 f11 iv finally got bluetooth audio to work. Bmw told me it can't be done and I phoned a few bmw specialists and the wanted stupid money just to look. So iv got the pro nav with bigger screen so apparently dissent come with Bluetooth audio set up only phone...
  2. Finally back in to an e39.

    After months of asking my self, do I really want a 15 year old car as a daily, the answer was eventually yes! Hi to all
  3. Another long time lurker, finally registered.

    Hello peeps, I'm the proud (when its not broken) owner of an early '07 335i. I've had the thing four years now and gone through a TON of issues, a lot of which i found the golden answers to here. So, i finally decided to make an account because it appears this car wants to test my mettle to...
  4. Afternoon all, just joined the BMW club finally

    Hey hey, So after fifteen years of riding sports bikes I've finally gone and bought some proper transport, a 2003 E46 330ci in silver. Got it for a bit of a bargain as it had a couple of small issues that I've been working through since picking it up last weekend but overall pretty chuffed with...
  5. Refurbished Summer wheels back on finally

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Whilst the summers were off at the dealers for storage I had them refurbished/powder coated in shadow chrome. Definitely a bolder look than the standard silver and at first sight I was a little OMFG they’ve come out a bit darker than expected. However now they’ve been on a couple of days I’ve...
  6. Finally a BMW owner

    Hi all, I've just joined this forum as I've bought a 2006 530i M Sport auto, I've always been a fan of the older cars, especially BMW's (dream car e30 M3). Mine has come with Dakota cream leather and 5k worth of upgrades, I opted for the petrol over diesel as I don't do the miles so didn't...
  7. Yo guys! Im new here, finally got a e46!

    Ive managed to get myself a 2000 e46 328i, i got it cheap...£450 and im sorry to say, its not in the best of shape ? Lower on the left rear than right, clunks a bit with pressure? Im thinking springs snapped so i ordered new at £25 for two. Does that sound cheap or is that the norm? Very stiff...
  8. E90 infuriating rattle finally solved

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    So maybe old news to many but there may be some ripping their hair out trying to trace the untraceable lol I've had a rattle that was somewhere in the dash area but I could never narrow it down to an exact area. I've had binicals out, trim pieces off, vents out and checked and all with a nil...
  9. E93 2012 320d Finally found what I've been looking for!

    Hi all! It took a while but finally found the beema I wanted... Silverstone Blue on a set of spanking 19's. M Sport Plus with 60k. So far impressed all the way!  Thought I'd join some like my minded enthusiasts, comments and advice very welcome, particularly regarding remap or chip??? I'd like...
  10. Hi all, finally bought my first BMW!

    Hi all, So after years of wanting one I've finally bought my first BMW! :D Its a 2012 320d sport plus edition convertible. Just the one pic so far but I'll add some more soon. So far I've added a M3 style lip spoiler in gloss black to match the wing mirrors :thumbsup Hoping to add a couple of...
  11. BMW 430i Gran Coupe M Performance (finally signed up to a forum)

    Hi, I've been a bimmer owner for 5 months (made the switch from Audi) and I have finally got around to signing up for a BMW forum. So being a newbie and all I thought I'd introduce myself and my car
  12. Finally 440i with MPPSK

    BMW 4 Series - Tech Talk F32,F33,F36,F82,F83
    Well i finally got her this weekend had the MPPSK Exhaust fit and all i can say is if your contemplating that exhaust GET IT its amazing. The car goes like stink, it feels faster than my old 420BHP A45 and that exhaust in Sports mode could smash windows, its great, like a kid with a new toy...
  13. She's finally here

    BMW 4 Series - Tech Talk F32,F33,F36,F82,F83
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  14. Finally arrived

    BMW 4 Series - Tech Talk F32,F33,F36,F82,F83
    Well my F36 has finally arrived
  15. Finally my alloy ready

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    What you think? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  16. Finally, resonator delete and x pipe install

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Got it done today by my village garage, installed a high quality magnaflow x pipe and two lengths of 2.25" pipe. Thanks to whoever it wad who told me to use 2.5" idiot! Will report back on difference. M6 bumper that's been sitting in my garage for months next to go on with new quad mufflers
  17. Thought I should finally say hello...

    Hi All... Fairly new member here, signed up a while ago but thought it was about time I actually said hello. I've had my 2008 E93 330d for just over a year and I'm still loving it. Bit of a change from my previous car ('98 Subaru Impreza) that I had for just over 10 years and did a lot too...
  18. finally found the blighter!

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    hi Guys if you have seen the earlier posts you will be familiar with my hunt for the elusive 2.0d m47tu2 glowplug controller finally found it! basically all the u tube stuff and internet postings are nonsense for a 2.0d, and even my bmw guy didnt know where it was where is it? stand in...
  19. Finally signed up, any bargin tool finder experts?

    well, after following a few of your "how to guides" since buying my bmw I june ive finally got round to signing up. not sure if im in the right section but after a advice. Can anyone recommend a comprehensive 1/2 socket set with shallow and deep sockets for a decent price for use at home? Im a...
  20. Finally coded MP3 on my E64 645Ci

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    So I got kind of sick of having to make new CD's every time I went on a long journey and then having to fill the CD changer which had no CD Text. I also just bought a new Bosch S5 battery in the Eurocarparts sale (extra 10% off) that I needed to code to the car (that's easy to do with INPA)...