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    Mine are Beetlejuice Scary movie Threesome Two girls and a guy Independence day Independence day two The X-files movies and the series Leaving Las Vegas Jurassic Park - 1-3 Also what film made you open up your mind in any way or improve your life?
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    Hi I am looking for some suggestions on good films preferably dramas about relationships, any suggestions welcome.
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    Hey, Im selling microfilm catalogs for BMW - write me private message or email me at [email protected] Here is a list of microfilms that I have ____________________ E32 ____________________ BMW 730i M 60 - 750iL [HG 11-36] BMW 730i M 60 - 750iL [HG 41-54] BMW 730i M 60 - 750iL [HG...
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    ..they're not too bad mostly i've found! Or am I brainwashed by the missus? Just mention it as there is a season of 'em on Film 4.
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    films commisioned by bmw featuring famous directors and cast anybody know about em stumbled upon them by accident last night
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    Ive watched these for ages and I love the gore and the graphic scenes ive watched most of them but im looking for something new to watch can anyone recomend any?
  7. BFuk Open Topic
    one of mine has to be Bad Boys 2: YouTube - Bad Boys 2 meet the DATE :lol:lol
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    has anyone seen these ? i just finished watching the 4th and best so far :thumbsup directed by guy ritchie and featuring the m5 ? fookin great if someone wants to upload the links crack on but il put up the guy ritchie one as its ace :D feels like its maybe a personal one his ex aswell :hihi as...
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    ive got loads of films in divx and avi format that a mate gave me on my laptop, but cant seem to get them to go on a blank dvd disc so i can watch on tv. all the websites want money for software, ive never tried this before so im clueless...any help please? thanks.
  10. BFuk Open Topic
    As above what car films did you watch as a kid, the 2 which stick out for me were the smokey and the bandit and cannonball run films, i loved smokey and the bandit 1 and 3, 2 was just terrible, i watched the first one yesterday and the car was a 6.6 litre car!!! no wonder they couldnt catch him...
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    For the xxth time I've found myself flicking through the channels and The Fast and the Furious is on - again! Must have seen this film 40 times or more and yet I always turn it on! Absolutely love the film! What film(s) do you religiously watch, even though you could probably quote the whole...
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    check this out, its a little funny too...