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    Hi my dad had the service light for oil change, which he did, but the light didn't come off again.. He spoke to fiat who said come in and we'll clear it,however when he got there they then refused because they didn't do the change, is there anything he can do? He did visit a local garage but...
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    Hi Guys, I'm going to get my daughter a new fiat 500 as a surprise for her 18th birthday and was wondering if anyone has one who can give me some info on reliability etc. Cheers
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    Hiya I was just out in my dads punto, its been kangerooing a bit the last few weeks and was told the fuel pump is on the way out. So I've been out and come home and half hour later my dads setting off to work and the car won't start :frown I've removed the fuel pump cover under the rear seat...
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    Hi Guys spotted this car in Northampton the other week! What do we reckon V8? :hihi:hihi
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    It's all for a good cause and all... but silly money tbh! The Inbetweeners Fiat Cinquecento What's with the sellers other items - Twitrelief? Never really got into twitter myself...
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    I have a friend who has said i can have her fiat cinquecento for free!! now i dont want a fiat cinquecento but i was thinking i could scrap the whole body and just use whats underneith to create a new toy!? Just looking for some ideas and advise on if you think this is really possible...
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    Well, the Fiat is approaching 3 years old. I had it on the first launch day after being on order for 9 months. Intended as a short-term own, it has become the work-horse of the family, taking my lad to footie to prevent the messing up of my interior, for example. Wife loves it, despite stating...