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  1. New fella

    Hi all new to the bmw land so thought i would get myself signed up to a decent forum for any tips and advice :)
  2. new fella

    evening all ive been a bmw man for over 10 years and thought i might join ,,,im also a 300zx man but only at weekends when the suns out anyway the other half and myself have our second nipper on the way so im thinking of selling my e46 coupe to get a e36 touring but can't have a standerd one so...
  3. New fella from southampton

    Hi guys and girls new to the forum, Im Ricky from southampton, I bought my first bmw back 3 months now after having many a different cars ranging from old escorts to pulsar gtir's but decided its time to drive a quality vehicle! i have added pics of my 1996 BMW 328i coupe in boston green, i have...
  4. New Fella From Swansea

    Good Day, fellow Enthusiasts. I am Nick Workman, I live in Swansea, South Wales, originally from a small village just south of bristol, a carrot cruncher or farmer you might say. I don't have a BMW (yet). I have had various BMW's over previous years, last 2 were 328CI SE E46 Silver and 318i E46...
  5. Another new fella to the board

    Hello all, Dansyerman here to pick your brains from time to time,no knowledge mechanically or otherwise, bad news there I'm afraid,well maybe I will just get my coat. :lol
  6. jordans fella on tely, the fight of his life haha?

    BFuk Open Topic
    have ya seen this guys win record he's bollox :rofl i reakon i'd show him how its done on groundwork :D and he got a tv show about it, funny how stuff gets given on a plate when ya get into a minging tart off tely :hihi...