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    Are you affected - what are you going to do to keep you car clean?
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    Lovely day, go out to the car and find a monster sh1t down my car window...maybe it wasn't a bird!
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    anybody else becoming thoroughly f*cking P*ssed off and arrrrrghhh really feckin angry by all the java script adverts and animations every f*ckin where ya go on the net? theres [email protected] memory and CPU chomping java adverts shite everywhere!!!! realoem [email protected] java script youtube more [email protected]
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    what is the point in them! i just got a 100quid fine from one for getting out of my car to go to the cash machine.they said i was inside a bus stop when i wasnt so im apealing it. my point is...if someone parking somewhaer is causing soo much congestion at half 9pm,why dont they move them on...