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    I like the saw series the most - theme track here
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    Mine are Beetlejuice Scary movie Threesome Two girls and a guy Independence day Independence day two The X-files movies and the series Leaving Las Vegas Jurassic Park - 1-3 Also what film made you open up your mind in any way or improve your life?
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    While website do you like to see for entertainment?
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    American restoration A+E - Blaze Pawn stars A+E - Blaze Hardcore pawn
  5. Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    I'm having problems setting a sat-nav destination to a favourite button. When I try, It just sets the map display without the destination. 2016 220d Gran Tourer I remember doing this on my previous BMW 530d. Can anybody offer any help?
  6. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi guys, Just wanted to thank you all for your help and advice, regrettably she has said enough is enough. Had a slight coolant leak traced back to water pump so it was replaced. Radiator said i cant take the pressure and blew along the side, new rad and a full coolant change all good for a...
  7. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    As per title, what engine oil do you guys use and why? for example, if someone changed from mobil 0w 40 to say castrol edge 5w 30, did they notice a positive change? did your car run better and quiter?
  8. General BMW Discussions
    Just wondering whats everyones favourite colour for these cars? Personally i like white the best however there dont seem to be that many white ones around for sale unless theyr only a year or so old so its highly likely that i'll end up with blue or black one,ofcourse thats no bad thing but i do...
  9. General BMW Discussions
    Soo guys what is you favourite Bmw everyone has there own opinion soo cmon tell us what it is and why?? Mine would have to be the E39 5 series M5 its just like a thug in a silk suit. Soo discreate just like any other E39 but with the power to monster anything on the road.
  10. BFuk Open Topic
    For me, most are downright softporn, am an 80s man so all the pc stuff slips right on by. so my list is below (in no particular order). I should add, I actually like heavy rock, so even though some of these are distinctly out of character for me, the fact I am a sexist git more than quantifies...
  11. General BMW Discussions
    If your having a few "issues' with your 8 series this YouTube - Fix you
  12. BFuk Open Topic
    Here's mine, just came out a newly signed rapper from the south, lots and lots of talent, doesn't swear or talk about bit*hes just real stuff. This one's about rotating his tires on his chevy. Hopefuly we can get a nice playlist together. YouTube - Big K.R.I.T - Rotation [Returnof4eva]
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    As in, somewhere you like to go when you just want to be alone, or to unwind? Like mine, I'm sat here now... At one one of the highest points in Lincolnshire! I can see about 50 miles in every direction, no-one about for miles... And there's no noise. Well, apart from my stereo :hihi I love it...
  14. BFuk Open Topic
    I'm a student, sometimes when my eyes have just been drowned in the books the whole day i just like to go for a drive to clear my mind and burn some petrol. .. .does anyone here actually do this? or am i a special case.. :hihi And anyone know any nice driving routes in/near London? Thanks.
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    Just thought I'd bring up this thread as many a times I have wanted to come to a meet but due to the fact I run and play in a Sunday league football team of my own I haven't been able to make it. Thankfully show season (apart from Santapod) is during the football offseason which gives me a...
  16. BFuk Open Topic
    Your three favourite cars on bimmerforums? Your three favourite cars on here? Here's mine in no particular order.. Rico's e36 saloon. Came from looking quite poop (imo) to looking excellent in very little time and evolving all the time.. Victim's 'loon. You just have to look at the picture...
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    strange for a 44 year old thuggish lookin bloke i know but i never get bored of it.. magic stuff.. YouTube - Shirley Bassey-This is my life
  18. BFuk Open Topic
    Whats your favourite TV advert people. Can be from childhood, teenage years etc etc Mine is the attached Honda one. YouTube - Honda - The Cog Amos:thumbsup
  19. BFuk Open Topic
    Depressing or what?
  20. BFuk Open Topic
    I have noticed that most of us on here are into modifying our cars, and following on from Rym's pic whores thread, just thought it would be good to see..:thumbsup So come on then guys, post pics of your favourite modifications to your cars. It doesnt matter how small or large. :cool Ill start...