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  1. Long time F10 2010 520d owner. Family Car

    Hi all, I am a long term owner of the family car in the title. It is nothing special and just standard., but I definitely enjoy driving it. I am a driver who likes comfort/luxury and a slow steady pace. I would love a car that is completely silent when sitting inside - I am not into all...
  2. New to the family

    Hi all, purchased my 335i coupe few months back and absolutely loving it. She's 2010 plate, had one previous owner, 50k on the clock & FBSH. Got a few plans with it but mostly to keep clean & enjoy it. Here's few pics I have of the motor.... Here's one with my mates 330d convertible...
  3. Family car recommendations?

    BFuk Open Topic
    So was planning to keep the beamer for Mrs run around with sprog. But she's not really getting on well with it, suspension too hard, steering and gearstick too heavy and she says it's too long (saloon boot) so likely I'm going to moving it on :frown Anyway, what are people using for family...
  4. Newbie family car

    Hi All recently had to get myself a car to transport my family and dog around in so ended up buying a 2005 E91 330D M Sport touring in Le Mans blue and I bloody love it! Got plenty of little jobs that I want to do to tidy it up but its a great base car! Look forward to seeing you on the forums!
  5. My 318i Touring Family Wagon

    Morning, My Fiancé finally passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago (at the grand old age of 30!), which means I can finally get rid of the horrible Mini Clubman I bought for her to learn in. We needed to replace it with something a bit bigger so we could fit all my Daughters stuff (pram...
  6. Newbie Family owner from West Sussex

    Just a quick "Hi" to all the forum members This site really seems like a super library of knowledge and wealth - which no doubt i will need to tap into from time to time ! Proud owner of a 2004 530d se sitting on the drive ! Paul
  7. Hello everyone - Re-Joined the BMW family with an e39 AC Schnitzer 530d beastie.

    Hello all at bimmerforums. I joined this forum a few years ago when I had a 330d tourer but thought it time to do a proper intorduction now that I have re-joined the BMW family with my latest (and greatest) car. I am now the very proud owner of a, possibly fairly rare, factory AC Schnitzer...
  8. bmw e46 330d family curser with major bass and a few little extras

    a couple of yers ago i decided to down the keys of my e36 320i and get my self an up to date e46 330d so i wited for months to find the right car with the right engine,milage and spec then, a few months later the right one poped up, 204bhp, 6 speed , lether, facelift, m-tech, tv, the lot. but...
  9. 535d: unable to determine the ECU family with ZUSB number for a gearbox software update

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi guys... I'm wanting to update the gearbox software on my '04 535d to eliminate the 2->1 kick. I've been going through the DIY guide here: DIY - How To Update Transmission Software (2-1 Shift problem) - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums But I'm getting stuck at Step 4. I manage to get the gearbox...
  10. Bmw535d as a family car

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi I am looking at a BMW 535d m sport as I need a bigger saloon and Tbh want a change from 2.0 tdi motors. I tried the other day to put a booster childs seat into the ack of a 535d but if another kid comes along could I get a rear facing seat in there. It looks like I could but it's tight...
  11. reliable for family car for upto 5k whats your thoughts

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thoughts where on car reliability good and bad as Im looking for a nice spacious family car thats a bit interesting but doesnthave niggling faults on a monthly basis. Over the last 3 years we have had a mercedes c270 52reg, autobox problems expensive ones at...
  12. Sky Insurance - Family Fleet Policy

    Car Insurance
    Hi, we have an excellent 'Family Fleet' policy option, it is a little restrictive in terms of entrance criteria but the level of cover and benefits are second to none. If you have more than one vehicle in the household then this could be for you. Please note, to qualify for this product...
  13. New member of the family!

    Howdy, Just got promoted at work and had a choice of cars. I went for the 320d (ed) It's a cracking car and has got some power got the professional media package too as I love my gadgets. What do people think of this model??
  14. tourer or saloon for family

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi we are a family of four and currently struggle to get everything into our 3series saloon. i intend to upgrade to a 5 series but cant decide if a saloon would be enough or if an estate would be the better option. I want bmw but the boots are not as big as other makes, they always look very...
  15. 3 series family

    BFuk Open Topic Cool photo…it's nice to own one of a great set of vehicles isn't it?
  16. Spirit and the family day out to see santa

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well ive just got back after being up at sillyoclock taking the family and er indoors family on a steam engine from sheringham to weybourne(think thats how its spelt) to see santa for the kids and then of course as is tradition in my household we stopped at a local pub on the way home and i ahem...
  17. The spirit family holiday-1000 mile round trip

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well its that time again for the annual Chappell holiday next week seeing my mafiosi type family and in 5 days take in dorset,Somerset,devon,cornwall seeing all of them and instead of taking the usual French piece of crap we know as a Renault scenic in a moment of madness decided that project...
  18. Staying in the family! Buying a BMW

    General BMW Discussions
    As some of you are aware my car was written off last weekend so my hunt has begun. The thing is I'm still unsure as to what to buy. I don't want to go any older than 01 plate. Preferably stay with e46 age range. I was tossing up between a 330 coupe or a 2.5 coupe petrol, but my dad has a 330cd...
  19. X5 help needed - family just got bigger so bye bye 330Ci, hello X5

    General BMW Discussions
    Just found out the wifes pregnant so as much as I love my 330 coupe its really pushing the limits to expect to get 3 kids in the back. The time has come to get the 4x4 the wife has always wanted. She wants a range rover, I'm arguing an X5 but don't have a clue what they're like. Can anyone give...