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    Sad times... Last month i was travelling along a dual carraigeway on a mildly wet road at approx 50mph, the back end stepped out a tad, usually easily corrected. However the steering stuck a little when trying to correct and eventually over corrected and the back end snapped out. I ended up...
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    as above is everbody ready to watch it tonight:jaw-dropping barb is so i will be on here all night:hihi:hihi bill:hihi
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    you can figure it out for yaselves what they are wotchin but "WARNING" its chunder inducing! google at your own peril... YouTube - ‪2 Girls 1 Cup Reaction #1‬‏ YouTube - ‪MARINES 2 girls 1 cup reactions!!‬‏
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    hi everyone my name is andy c and yes i am new to this forum and bmws in general and after two days i am a total car is a 1995 e36 bmw 328i coupe(auto) that i have bought as a project to do over the next two years but the engine and body are pretty sound but could do with a respray...