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    Guy's and Gal's Not sure if any one heard of FAB DIRECT, I would very much recommend this place for BMW parts, professional, polite and helpful, I brought a VAC pump for my N42 it started weeping a month after I installed, and they are sending me another one, free, off a car with 21,000 on the...
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    As above, need a quote if possible on a pair of metal rings. Dimensions are: 185mm outer diameter 145mm inner diameter cutout thickness, 4mm mild steel or 5-6mm alluminium, whichever is cheaper. Thanks in advance! Gav
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    BMW breakers FAB in Gloucestershire have an Oxford green 840Ci Sport in. In a 1997 car and has Throwing star alloys etc. It needs brake pipes and bushes for an MOT. £2000 no offers. No pics but it'll be on their website.
  4. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    hi again found a good bmw breakers in gloucestershire got a good range of parts for all bmws and offer to buy unwanted projects and scrap bmws also a good range of technical advice check it out cheers