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  1. New member with a 1998 SMG M3 Evolution Convertible, saying hello..

    Thought I'd quickly introduce myself before I go off to search around for technical information. Good opportunity to see what you're all like ;) Picked up a new (to me) E36 M3 last week to replace my previous track/weekend car - a 2002 MR2 Roadster I'd owned since 2003 that had, at one point, a...
  2. E36 M3 Evolution Convertible Progress Report...

    Hi all, as you know I got another M3 so thought it was time to keep tabs on her by using this as a progress report. Anyway, this is when we bought the car. As you can see she was in need of some love. The car is a 1 owner (I am the second on the log book) which has all but...
  3. M3 Evolution Convertible had a good clean after her MOT today :)

    Gave the roof a bloody good scrub with some Autoglyn cleaner and then put some protector on as well, again from Autoglyn. I have some very stuborn green stains on the roof so will need to find something that cleans better than the Autoglyn stuff. Anyway, gave the paintwork a quick once...
  4. 1997 E36 M3 Evolution Coupe Techno Violet

    So i upgraded from my well fettled 328i Sport to this. Love it so far! Needs some stuff doing as expected, all under control though :D
  5. 2003 E46 320d The evolution of the 2 litre diesel turbo?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Having very recently become the owner of an e46 320d, learnt about some of the weaknesses and upgraded some bits to newer parts (crank case breather, swirl flaps) I wondered how far this engine has come on since then? Is it the same lump still used in the current 3, 5, x3 etc? Has the turbo...
  6. 206 E60 530d Auto (231bhp) - Evolution Chips

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi all My first post, so bear with me please. I bought a 2006 530d M Sport Auto a couple of weeks ago. It's a fantastic car :thumbsup :thumbsup but I've been pretty shocked by the fuel consumption, particularly when driven with a featherlight touch! I understand that it's a heavy, powerfull...
  7. 2003 E39 525d - evolution remap

    BMW Tuning Forum
    i have a e39 525d sport 2003 and was thinking of an evolution remap,anybody had one,whats the verdict? also read a thread there stating the autobox may not handle it,not heard of this before,any info welcome.cheerz andy c.
  8. 1998 e36 m3 evolution vanos connection

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    hello all im new.. sold my e30 C1 2.3 Alpina and bought myself a 1998 e36 m3 evolution.. 75k with full BMSH its a awesome car.. does anyone know what this connection does on the vanos.. it doesnt seem to clip in?? so its just hangin loose.. thanks