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  1. General BMW Discussions
    This would be fun on the racetrack. from the article: This 1990 3-series has been converted to rally spec and runs a swapped E36 M3 S50B30 good for 282 HP. We dig its FINA oil livery, and the ad details upgrades like six pot front calipers, hydraulic E-brake, up to date Sparco race seats and...
  2. Diagnostic Hardware and Software Discussion forum
    Hi, i built an 'almost free ADS' on breadboard while i was waiting for my 'TINY ADS' interface to arrive. Every time INPA tries to refresh the values for the lambda sensors it freezes with a #98 error (SYS-0008). i thought it would maybe be ok once i used my tiny ADS but its still the same...
  3. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    As the title suggests
  4. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi, does anyone know the weight diff between the S50B30 and the S50B32? Thanks
  5. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Just received and fitted a new EGR thermostat to my 2007 320d, bought it from Euro Car Parts, on inspection its the same as the official BMW part with the BMW logo ground away. I used a discount code found on the internet to get 25% off so came down to £25.02 so bit of a bargain for genuine...
  6. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Virtual newbie,got a email from euro parts with latest offers,anyway was going to do a bit at weekend.2001 320se what plugs should a go for,Mann filters any use and finally qx 5/30 fully synthetic at 28 quid for 5litres,good buy? Cheers for any advice Fergie
  7. BMW Tuning Forum
    Hey Folks, greetings to you all, here in this very nice BMW knowledge place! For the N42 Engine, there are two kinds of exhaust manifolds available. One with straight pipes and without lambda sensors (3x) and without catalytic converters (2x) and one with both of these. As I found out, lots...
  8. General BMW Discussions
    Just had quick look at some new brake pads for my car and noticed ECP are doing offers up to 51% off parts etc £28 for some pagid brake pads thats not bad at all Brake Pads | Brake Pads and Brake Sensors for any car
  9. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    Help equired have you ever had a wishbone bush bracket sheer in half, urgent help required
  10. Introductions
    Hi has anyone ever bought a wishbone bush bracket from Euro car parts and it has sheered in half. Part number 618110291. This is urgent please help me
  11. BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hello, I have wonder if there are engines with this code EURO 4? I have the COC (Certificate of Conformity) on my hand from a car manufactured on 11/2008 with this particular engine time and i cannot say if is EURO 4 or EURO 5. The CO2 value is 149g/km and the car has automatic gearbox. Could...
  12. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hello all, Does anyone know where I can get a euro S50B30 cam locking tool and vanos wrench? I did the vanos repair on my old 328i and want to do it on my M3 but the tools don't seem to be available?! Cheers
  13. General BMW Discussions
    I've just got my hands on a 2005 330cd with 127k on the clock. I've ordered some swirl flap blanking plates and now I'd like to find out how to get around the EGR bypass triggering a light on the dash. Can you live with the light, or does it have a detrimental effect on the running of the car...
  14. Introductions
    New car had it just under a month thought i would show you guys. got some plans but taking it slow. What you think?!
  15. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    hi there i have a 323i se e46 on coilovers with 18'' bbs LM reps rear wheels 255/35/18 (10.5'') front 255/40/18 (9'') i want to give it poke and stretch what size tyres and spacers do you recomend i have had a look on tyre stetch websites and that but i want personal views i was thinkin 10mm...
21-35 of 55 Results