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  1. SGS engineering boot struts

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    I replaced the worn boot struts on my 840 with a pair of new SGS engineering struts. They were working well when after about 6 months the top end fitting on one side sheared. This happened when I was closing the boot and the piston rod managed to damage the boot lid. Annoying. They...
  2. London BMW Independent Experiences? Cooks Ferry Engineering...

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    So after discovering our new to us 320td needs a lot of TLC, I took it down to Cooks Ferry Engineering today, and booked it in for Friday. Now, has anyone had experience with them? Workmanship? Sorry if this is in the wrong section, would like views on this. Cheers.
  3. Motorsport Engineering Dissertation Questionnaire

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi guys, had a quick look through the FAQs and hope this is allowed (if not, my apologies!) Basically, I'm a third year Motorsport Engineering (BSc) student (and BMW owner!) at Wiltshire College, and I'm currently completing my dissertation which looks into the area of doping in motorsport. To...
  4. Excellent service from BMW Specialist Iridium Engineering, Southampton

    General BMW Discussions
    I would like to praise Independent BMW specialist 'Iridium Engineering' near Southampton. Their website is at: Welcome to Iridium I had just collected my new BMW E46 320d (not new new of course but new to me) and was on my way to catch a ferry to France the next day. I had been in the car...
  5. 320d SE E90 2006 - German engineering and British environment......HELP needed!!!

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and need some help. I made a mistake in December 2014 by buying 320d SE E90 2006 - with 100k on the clock. Every thing was fine for couple of weeks then it was a 'starting' problem. White smoke at cold start for 15/20 seconds and when the engine was warmed...
  6. JM2100 Supercharger by Swedish Company SKR Engineering

    Supercharging your BMW
    Hi All, My first post here and an intelligent inquiry at that. I came across a swedish company called SKR Engineering that lay claim to their Stage 2 supercharger installed on a 320Ci E46 beemer will produce output curves better or equal to the E46 M3. BMW E46 JM2100 Superscharger kit...
  7. e36 2.8 z3 active autowerke super charger vs vf engineering super charger witch is best ?

    BMW Tuning Forum
    active autowerke super charger vs vf engineering super charger witch is best ? for my 2.8 z3 any ideas any one company makes the best charger ??
  8. Good ole German Engineering!

    General BMW Discussions
    My bimmer (2000 325ci) has been sitting unused for a few months, since mid august in fact, due to some of the conditions and distances I am having to drive at the moment. I originally planned to sell her when I bought a sludger chug but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead she's going to...
  9. My first experience of German Engineering

    Hi I am Dan just bought (well about 6 weeks ago) a 2000 E39 Touring 330d. It's a tow car for my Jap Drifter / Daily driver and I am soooooooo pleased with it. Thought I would join up to try and understand the beast a little more and get to know some new faces at the same time. :-)
  10. BMW tool 11-4-220 reverse engineering

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, I am currently working through a head gasket replacement on my E36 328i coupe. I am in the process of making the camshaft locking tool, and wondered if anyone had BMW tool 11-4-220 that they could measure up so i could try and make a replica of it. I can make engineering drawings for...
  11. Rouge Engineering rear top mounts- are they necessary?

    General BMW Discussions
    Forgive me Mods if this is in the wrong section. These mounts arent model specific and botht the E36 and E46 are known to fail. Anyway, I've recently changed the shocks on my car to Bilstein units and last week i bought an Eibach pro spring kit that i will fit when I'm back in England at easter...
  12. Nik sarans supercharged m3-vf engineering

    BFuk Open Topic
    Check out this video with some other cool cars YouTube - Nik Saran of VF Engineering with Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz of CarCast
  13. E46 330ci Rogue dms exhaust

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hey guys I currently own an e46 330ci which I bought back in Nov '09, obviously im extremely happy with it! The only mod so far I have done is the Golf tee mod which makes the car sound a bit better ;). Recently i've been looking on youtube at different exhausts and the Rogue dms exhaust system...
  14. 1996 E36 318is - Engineering shop put cams back in wrong way round!

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Following on from this thread where I'd cooked my engine and decided to get the head skimmed. I took the cylinder head to Coventry Boring and Metaling in Coventry to get it skimmed and pressure tested. I was...
  15. engineering drawings for 325 engine?

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Anyone know of any sources on the web for technical data for 6 cylinder engines?:confused I am seriously considering fitting a 325 engine to my old MGB GT:jaw-dropping. The way I figure it that they used to be built with a V8 (Range Rover tune) which doen't come close to the power and...