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  1. BMW Quality Enhancment (not quite a recall) - N43 engined Vehicles

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    So I found this while perusing another forum and thought I hadn't seen it posted here anywhere. I'm now waiting for a call back from the dealer to go and get done....they in turn are waiting for head office to send new software/diagnostics. Time per veh could be anything up to 2 days depending...
  2. Dolphin Grey M-tech 2 kitted Cosworth Engined E30 Thing!!!

    Hi Folks had this since last year and thought i would post up some pics. Stg 3 spec and megaclean :) Got a million plans for it but the main one is to actually drive it lol [/img]
  3. Do V8 engined manual gearboxed 6 Series have noisey clutches?

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Hi all In the next few days I'm hoping to pull the pin and buy a manual 650. As I'm sure you're aware, they're rare - only 4 manual gearboxed v8 engined 6 series for sale in the uk at the mo. I've driven a 645 and a 650. I'm aware they have strange clutches that bite low and sharp, (the 645...
  4. M3 engined compact ... Or something more adventurous ...

    BMW Engine Conversions
    So as you do you have little ideas about engine swaps and thought I'd have a look for bits, now obviously M3 engines aren't cheap and it will mean some messing around to fit but then I had a thought, for the same money as an E46 M3 engine you can get a rather tasty RB26DETT and gearbox from a...
  5. What are the petrol engined e39s like to live with?

    General BMW Discussions
    What are they like when used on a daily basis? Are they really heavy on fuel? Thanks Mike
  6. BMW 318 IS 1996-Flashers operating when engined switched off

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi, I could really do with some advise/help please. :confused The hazard lights are flashing when I turn engine off and Relay makes a whining sound. I thought it may need a new relay but I'm not sure? Also central locking fuse has blown when I try to replace it the alarm sounds. The central...
  7. e36/e46 M3 or other big engined BMW

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, I sure questions like this have been asked since things were all quiet on the Western Front... anyway i digress basically a promotion I am gunning for would leave me with an extra £500ish a Month and i would like to put some of this money towards saving for a Car. I refuse to get a...
  8. Worlds Biggest engined BMW? (Pics and videos)

    BFuk Open Topic
    Went to the Cholmondeley padgent of power todays as mentioned on Top Gear last week, and saw the mental car they where on about. Turns out it's a BMW! (well engine at least) Small Video of it was surprisingly quiet and smooth compared to some (click pic) Cool Flame spitting V24:cool...
  9. Does the BMW engined Land Rover Discovery TD5 Have Swirl Flaps?

    General BMW Discussions
    As above I first read about swirl flaps on this forum and advised my pal to blank them when he bought his E46 320cd which he did. My other friend thinks his TD5 is a BMW diesel Engine, It is a T reg. I told him about the swirl flap issue I'm just not sure whether his engine has them.
  10. What's the point in big engined automatics?

    General BMW Discussions
    Looking on Autotrader it is nearly impossible to find a well priced used manual 335i or 645i. I even phoned my local dealer the other day to test drive a manual 335i and they could not find me one to test. Useless! What's the draw? I would much rather have a manual 335i than an auto and the...
  11. Is the credit crunch still affecting large engined car sales?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Or is it the Christmas overspending? I have noticed (myself included) a lot of cars on here that are not shifting, some at very good prices..... Or is it the fact that people just don't fancy spending a lot on large petrol drinking vehicles? Perhaps it's devil you know vs devil you don't...
  12. 2003 E46 318i, fitting a M52 engined exhaust rear box.

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Am I right in saying that a 323i back box from a m52 Engine 1999 se manual would fit my 2003 318ci msport auto? It has the single pipe connection rather than two as with other straight 6 engines. If I fitted it would it throw up engine management problems etc? Just looking for options. Any...