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  1. BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi I am just looking for some general advice, I currently have an e36 323i drift car and the engine has completely exploded so I bought a 528i engine that I believe came from an e39. Im just wondering what kind of messing around will i have to do with ecu's as the new engine did not come with...
  2. E46
    Hey Guys, Its my first time writing on here so please excuse me if i posted in the wrong section or if this question has already been asked. Basically i've recently bought an E46 318CI which i believe has the M43B19TU Engine in it which is drive by wire right ? I've been told that the best...
  3. BMW Engine Conversions
    I just got a great deal on a crashed e36 325i 1994 engine in good shape. And before i start the conversion i wonder if it's just plug in and start or if i have to do any mods to get it going? i have a e36 320i 1993 vanos.
  4. BMW Engine Conversions
    So I bought an e39 528i on Saturday, spent the weekend polishing it and it looked lovely. Come Monday evening, long story short it went into a ditch. The body is a write off, but the 88k mileage engine is in good order and I don't want to scrap it with the car. So, what will I need in order...
  5. E36
    Hey guys I was thinking about doing a 2.5l m50 engine conversion into a 316i Compact. I was just wondering how quick it would go from 0-100?
  6. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi ho! Ive got a e36 318is and an e30 with a knackard 316i engine. how much work is needed to get the 318is into the E30? The 318is is all there and working, has 150k but while its out i will get the head and block rebuilt. Any help will be much appretiated!
  7. E36
    hello im wanting to do a engine conversion on my 316 to a 2.8 single vanos engine i believe is in the car ive just bought any way i would just like to no will it be a straight swap or will there be bit's i need to figure out buy new things all that stuff thanks. and if there is any parts that i...
  8. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hello all, I want to start a new project and I want to be ambitious with this one. I was just wondering if anyone knew if a 335i engine will fit in either and E36 or E46 compact? What parts would be required from a donor car? I did a bit of reading and saw some things about a fancy high...
  9. BMW Engine Conversions
    hi guys I joined this forum for some help, I have a e36 318is 1.9 1996 on the road, I also have a e36 328i 1995 that I use for drifting days as its not road legal, getting abit annoyed just having the car sat there in between events, so my plan is to drop the engine, rear subframe ect out of the...
  10. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi all, Im looking for some advice. I have a 2001 E46 325CI with a cracked head, I am told this is very expencive and a very hard job to fix, due to the bolts that go into the head can break. So i thinking of replacing the engine with a used one maybe a 330 as the block is the same, Does any...
  11. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    You need to contact the admin team if you wish to advertise your business on this forum. The moderating team...
  12. BMW Engine Conversions
    hi just wondering if anyone knows what i would need to put a 330ci engine into my 2003 e46 4 door i will have the 330ci engine running gear ecu and immobiliser. what wireing would i need to do any help would be gr8 :)
  13. BMW Engine Conversions
    hi all im new to the forum and i need a bit of help i have a e46 318 ci with big end bearings gone and i wanted to no if u could put the 2.5 e36 engine in and how hard it would be i have a donor car thanks
  14. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi Guys I looking to convert my engine in a 2002 M3 coupe to an M5 5.0 V10. Anyone know a good place for me to source the engine and get the "transplant" done , preferably in West York's? I need an M5 5.0 V10 Engine with all ancillaries exhaust manifolds, 1st cats 4 lambdas, clutch and flywheel...
  15. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi folks, just a little bit of advice thanks. I recently bought a '93 520i SE from what I believe it has the vanos but I'm not 100% sure. My friend's got an M20B25 sitting in his 5 series. He offered me his M20 and everything I'd need for £100 before he scraps the shell as it's rusting away. My...
  16. BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi, I'm new to BMW's but have done engine swaps on other cars and just wanted to ask those who know a few questions. I've just been given a free M reg 318i SE but will want more power so an engine swap is on the cards. 1.) as its an M reg can I assume it will not have EWS? as I want to avoid...
  17. BMW Engine Conversions
    Just been looking at my new 325i engine and noticed down by the sump there is a wire with a plug on the end. this is not on the 325i engine im taking out. Any ideas wat it is and why its not on mine
  18. BMW Engine Conversions
    alright guys i have an 1800(m43) convertible where the temp gauge goes through the roof within 5 minutes, ive tried everything to cure it from the thermostat to the head gasket including the water pump,rad and matrix,can anyone tell me what the easiest conversion is apart from dropping another...
1-18 of 19 Results