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  1. My 1983 E28 533ia With the El. seats from an E34 M5

    Regards Bent
  2. El Classico tonight 8pm sky sports

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well just a heads up for those who love there football:thumbsup and who would not want to see the 2 best teams in the world play against each other and Jose kick up a storm:hihi:hihi score line i reacon Barcelona 2 Real Madrid 3:thumbsup:thumbsup This should be a cracking Game
  3. BMW E36 DIY EL Dials

    Technical Guides for the BMW Z Series
    TOOLS/EQUIPMENT NEEDED: * Sharp knife and cutting board * TomTom/Sat nav sucker (makes removing the gauge binnacle a doddle) * Soldering iron (with fine nib) and solder * Dremel / drill or cutting tool i.e stanley knife etc * Belt hole punch * UHT spray glue or thin double sided tape or...