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  1. Most economical e90 Petrol

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Don't suppose there's much of a choice really but my wife can no longer afford to run her thirsty 325i automatic (needs an oil platform to follow it around at 22mpg!). She won't go for a 1 series - too small so I'm guessing it's a 318i or 320i? Can anyone shed any light on the kind of mileage...
  2. What best economical car to buy?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi lovely people , can anyone please recommend what is the best economical car to buy, preferably a small engine car with cheap parts should it need repairs, I have a budget of I say £7.000. Any recommendations will be appreciated Thank you
  3. economical remap 330ci

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi, I've got a 2000 plate 330ci and I'm looking for a remap to improve both economy and performance. Am I right in thinking I can have a flasher installed enabling me to switch between the two? If so are there any rated mappers around the kent area? And lastly what sort of price am I looking at...
  4. Too many opinions: 318i E91. Diesal not economical for me but want to get back into BMW....

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi, Needing to go to petrol as have found I am actually only doing 5-6000 miles! Have found a couple of decent 318i Business editions locally but all I seem to find online is hating.... I used to have a 320d 184 so I know what these cars are like and it hated the short trips and stop start...
  5. tiptronic or auto mode more economical?

    General BMW Discussions
    So I just go to wondering, which mode is more efficient? I guess BMW programmed in resuming in 2nd gear as a fuel efficiency measure, but is it really better, the engine would be under more load pulling away in 2nd therefore using more fuel, so surely using manual mode and always returning to...
  6. 530D more economical than 535D... Really??

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, Apologies, from looking around I can see that MPG has been done to death before - but I'm currently looking for a new "family" car and top of the list is an e61 (or possibly an e60). I like the extra grunt that the 6 pot gives over the 4 pot 520D so I've only really looking at 525D's...
  7. Is using the Step-Tronic more economical than using the standard auto?

    General BMW Discussions
    I'm guessing if you are in control of the gears then the auto box won't be using as much fuel to change up and down frequently. It's a guess though - does anyone know for sure if using the Step-Tronic option in a sensible way is able to reduce fuel consumption? Sorry if this question has been...
  8. What the most economical speed in e46 330ci auto?

    General BMW Discussions
    Not seen an existing thread on this but as I'm on a long trip next week just wanted to get your views on best mpg cruising speed? cheers
  9. E46: Most economical efficient performance improvers

    General BMW Discussions
    So if I wanted to improve and upgrade my cars performance, a 330i sport saloon what would you suggest and why, ps I'm not interested in straping a turbo on or messing with the ECU, I don't want to stress the car at all or ruin the ride. I was thinking along the lines of suspension braking etc...
  10. economical BMW purchase? 320d ?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all I'm looking to spend about £10k on an economical BMW. Right now i'm veering towards a 320d. I'm like house recommendations on which particular model to aim for? I would like something sporty looking and a coupé. What tweaks would I need to do to achieve around 50 mpg? Yup this is my...