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e61 or 60

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    Hello! I have a problem with my BMW e61 diesel - it cranks but won't start. The problem occurs only in the morning - in the evening i leave it for the night and then in the morning it won't start. I use start fluid to get it started and it usually helps and once it has been started it will...
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    Fitted this yesterday too - easy job really, as Kwempe kindly pointed out :D Whilst i had the front wheels off for the pads, i merely removed each ARB arm using a cross driver thingy and a pair of mole grips... (pain in the back side!) Then with both sides disconnected, i got under the car and...
  3. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hi Can any1 recommend anywhere in the southeast where I can get a set of wheels.....steel or alloy with or without Tyres that I can use on my 2008 E61 for winter Tyres, I don't want to pay the earth as will only have them on the car a few months of the year.....hopefully Thanks