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  1. happy birthday e36nickd

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    happy birthday nick have a good one mate kept that quite bill:thumbsup
  2. e36narv, gunner1, e36nickd - Thanks to RJB328i on work done today

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    Well its been a day working on the cars, 3 wish bones changed, track rod end, alternator changed, induction kit fitted and some other bits and pieces:thumbsup Looks like Bill really enjoyed it and Barb just sat back and soaked the sun in the garden. Thanks to mum and dad for the loan of the...
  3. Happy Birthday E36nickd

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    Happy Birthday mate...:thumbsup
  4. Fao e36nickd this time it works!

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    Here you go sir! Sorry it took so long but been busy... the boss man has got me running for him.. :lol Hope you like it!
  5. A massive happy birthday to E36nickd

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    Well Guys i thought i let you know its nicky's birthday today, so from me mate, happy birthday bro and i hope you have a great day mate:thumbsup:thumbsup your a top bloke and a very good friend:thumbsup all the best Ralph