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  1. Hello all from an e36'er

    Hello all, Abit about me i live in essex, and have for my past 2 cars owned bmw's first was a bmw e46 318 n52 and had problem after problem with the car so sold it on, I then went to a brand new fiesta company car and well you can imagine my thoughts. I have recently purchased a bmw e36 318is...
  2. E36'er's - Why you want M50 Intakes?

    General BMW Discussions
    So, Anyone Wanna let me in on the secret of why my M50 intake would be better than the others? cheers ;)
  3. help with a few things for a soon to be e36'er

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi there guys. new to the forum and bmw's few questions i have to ask hope i can get as much help as you can all give, and sorry i know a few of these questions will be answered already countless times. im looking at an e36 318is coupe whats the difference in the years from 1992-1999 little...