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  1. E46
    Well.. i've decided to go for that of a dub route.. its a work in progress and i've only had the car a month but its coming along :) much is planned, although a couple maintanence bits and bobs will need to come into play first, need new anti-roll bar + bushes, and also new front shocks...
  2. not a BMW
    Just picked up this beauty from London.type 2 with a 2.0l zetec on bike carbs it'll keep me busy. Think the bags on the disco have dropped haha One life live it, you only get one chance!!!
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    I've had a lot of Golf GTis over the years, MK1s went they weren't too old and were plentifull, MK2s when they were the current shape and the same with MK3s and VR6s, I've had a Jetta 16v too. But what is it with the Dub scene, I drove the ones I had cause I liked them and back then the Dub...