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    Had a scary experience tonight. Got off the train and left Nuneaton about 7.20pm. Driving out of the town along the 30mph limit and came across a queue of about 5 cars, all doing about 10mph. At the front was a Fiat Punto swerving all over the road, kerb one minute, white lines the next. The...
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    Been trying to sober up this morning as i need to go out in the car but after 2 bottles of red wine and 12 cans of Magners it's not gonna happen soon:rofl:rofl:rofl Hic
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    :frownwell me not drinking policy has been going on for a couple of years now and i have to say what a epic fail:frownme mate has brought me back from belgium st omer, 24 pack but heres the twist, big cans not the pissy bottles:thumbsupcaught me out i tell you, trying to watch ingloriousd...
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    well had a heavy weekend :D had a golf day fryday and stay all night got very pi$$ed so around about 7is we got a bugy and try to play 9holes when drunk had a few bad shoot and through my club YouTube - ‪man throws his golf club‬‏ bill:thumbsup
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    not me but nearly. It's half term and it needs doing.
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    1997 E36 328i - Sport sits drunk! She looks as tho shes had a few too many Vodka and diet cokes.... The O/S sits lower than the N/S around 2in lower at the rear and 1.5in at the front. I have had the car on a ramp and inspected both front and back properly and all looks okay, the springs look...