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    Lost a friend this morning heroin overdose, not seen her for a few years. We all grew up together from parks then pubs and onto clubbing from an idylic village Whaley bridge. Just don't understand why people have to take it a stage further and start taking smack there's only one outcome and...
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    I have a friend who works for the FA who managed to send me this pic of it actually happening! Shocking! [/IMG]
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    I'll tell you what I cannot understand anyone who would like to make a living on ebay. All I can say is what a bunch of C***s you can find on there:frown If it wasn't for the fact that I need some extra money I'd just give the items away or smash them to pieces:hihi Check out this cheeky...
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    Do you think it's right that professional sports people, rock stars and movie stars etc get away with multiple drug/alcohol offences and are still allowed to continue performing in the line of work that made them famous?