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    Number of people killed or injured in drink drive accident rises to over 9,000 | Daily Mail Online The above quote is shocking but even more shocking is that 87% of deaths were caused by sober drivers :jaw-dropping Time to start a campaign to get these dangerous sober drivers off the road then...
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  4. BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    So today, 1 week after buying the car, the coolant warning light came up on the dashboard. Got to where I was going and it took about half a watering can to fill it up. Drove home again and just before I got home the light comes on again, this time took a good watering can full to top it up ...
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    Wonder if he thought he could talk his way out of it:confused Police officer suspended following drink-drive allegations | This is Grimsby
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    What you drinking tonight ??? I started with a Caffries then moved onto Red Stripe, looking at a bottle of Cobra for when the Red Stripe runs out :thumbsup
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    Had quite a bit of Teachers Whiskey earlier as I feel poorly and it's a good excuse for Teachers. Decided to move the van on the drive and backed into the garage door, all my judgement had gone and I hit it hard enough to bend it in and bust some rivets off of the frame and make hard to open...
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    Now, as most of you long term members on here know, I am a complete and utter p*ss head on a Friday night. So. tonight, with building work going on I have managed to trip over, knock the ladder of the scaffold, knock all the timber over and end up on a heap on the floor. All the neighbourhood...
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    clicky :D:rofl
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    right im 22 and i drink sherry quite alot! its so addictive once you have had one glass you just need another! is it wierd tht im drinking a festive/old mans drink all year around?
  11. BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi all, Does anyone know how to fit both drink holders to an E60, as both of mine have packed up. I have got both new ones from BMW, so purely need advice on fitment. Many thanks, BMW 840ci
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    Only in America again, :D,0,2014924.story
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    probably best not to in south africa
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    Looks like the drink driver was safer than the police... Btw, I'm not condoning drink driving, nor do I read the daily mail :rofl
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    any @sshole whose thinking about drink driving... YouTube - Alcool au volant
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    I'm on it right now but sometimes you never quite know how messy the night will end up. To the good times:hyper and the bad times:frown Happy New Year:D:D:D
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    Have a look at this guys watch it all"></param><param
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    Well its friday night and i know a lot of you are having a drink :hihi Im on the wine :lol:lol:lol..normally have about 1-2 bottles only on friday night. otherwise dueing the weekday might have the odd glass. Partial to a bit of Vodka, lemonade and lime too :hihi