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  1. Must see video - Dream Car

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    I think you'll love this newly released video
  2. IT'S FIRED UP!!!! I hope its not a dream!?

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hello guys! Im soo happy! Got INPA installed and it was just a case of an EWS reset. 1 minute job literally. I screamed like a little girl at a Justin Bieber/One Direction concert when it fired up. No hesitation or owt with it stood still for 2 weeks and 1 day. The exhaust gasses did stink...
  3. Hi, recently swopped VAG to BMW Z3 & 320D SE Tourer, Now living the dream in Cornwall

    Quick Hello, My names Keith and we live just outside Truro in Cornwall. Decided to join after gaining really useful information about the wife's Z3. I have also just purchased a 320d se touring 2002 really nice condition only 77k, planning on keeping both cars really tidy and doing my own...
  4. Check this barryboy dream car out...

    General BMW Discussions
    a snip at £3k:rofl:rofl note the expertly and precision fitted panels and flawless paintwork, the quality repair to the forward sill cover passenger side..the unmarked and spotless interior... BMW M3 COUPE 2000 (X) REP 323 CI RED LEATHER CSL WHEELS | eBay 12 months MOT supplied for £250 an...
  5. 2003 330D M Sport - and the dream is over. :(

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I had an altercation with a tree! Just spent about 2k on parts for her two weeks ago and now this! Life isn’t fair. It wasn’t my fault though (a lorry pulled out in front of me and the tree seemed a safer option) so we’ll see how much the insurance value it at. I’m ok though so it could have...
  6. What is your dream bmw?

    General BMW Discussions
    explain in detail your dream bmw, thanks.
  7. BMW dream ended in tears

    General BMW Discussions
    hey guys, So here is the story....... At 17 i drove my dad's e36 m3 and instantly grew an obsession for bmw. For years i dreamed of owning a bmw but financially there were many obstacles i.e having a crap job and unbelievably high insurance qoutes. 5 Months ago i found a half decent job and now...
  8. Your next car brought forward (BMW obviously)

    General BMW Discussions
    I got my '05 E46 convertible a few months ago after wanting one since I first saw the face lift E46 convertible years ago. I've had two E36 convertibles in the past since 2005 and 1 pre facelift E46 (auto too!) but the E46 facelift was always one I wanted but couldn't afford. Realistically it...
  9. do you remember a tv show called dream machine?

    BFuk Open Topic
    its where they built cars and hen gave them away!, i think the name is right although i can't find any info on it. they built a shelby cobra, a gt40 and many more.
  10. OK so I've decided on my dream woman

    BFuk Open Topic
    I should really be asleep now but having just watched a film called '11:14' I have officially decided which woman really does it for me. The film was actually not bad...but I fear my sleep deprived state may be influencing that decision. It did however feature Rachael Leigh Cook in a short...
  11. An MOT dream..

    General BMW Discussions
    well what can i say car went for MOT yesterday i was rather anxious this time the old gurl being @ 95k miles, but:applause yet again it passed first time no advisories nothing! thats all 6 of its MOT's passed first time on the button.. 95k and still on original wishbones and rear bushes from...
  12. E46 330Cd - where do they dream up the prices from?

    General BMW Discussions
    Just been browsing The Bay and Autotrader to see if any of the other 330Cd's I was looking at have sold or been reduced. Then I came across this one: How much...
  13. found my dream buy

    General BMW Discussions
    found my dream buy on autotrader, as some of you know i got a new job a while back with a big pay rise so have been looking for a new car, my ultimate is a e46 m3, now i dont want a loan that big so looked at buying a e36 m3, spoke to my local indy and afterwards ruled both cars out, so the...
  14. My dream last night

    BFuk Open Topic
    I've been looking at maybe a 645i for my next car depending if I can keep doing the work I'm doing. Really like the idea of having one but I keep feeling I'll really miss having a convertible 330Ci. Anyway, last night I had a dream where I got a 645i, I was loving it but I remember really...
  15. BMW dream modifications

    BFuk Open Topic
    I was sat thinking today what would be the one mod you could do to your BMW - that you'll probably never get round to doing (due to cost, rarity etc) - but you'd like to i.e. a dream mod - for me there was a couple of bits and pieces I thought about... and then I remembered this: Eurosports...
  16. What's your dream non-BMW CLASSIC car?

    BFuk Open Topic
    I'm interested to see what kind of cars you guys all have dreamed of owning. That car you saw when you were little, or at a car museum, and thought to yourself "I have to own one of those, one day!" Please post pictures, searching on google if you don't already have one. If you already OWN your...
  17. dream job

    BFuk Open Topic
    heres the thing, i nearly worked for a certain company in the ninetys turn down the job and always regreted it, im thinking of going for it again, the problem is the time away from home, at the moment im away monday to friday, this job that will be the minimum, lots of abroad travel, europe...
  18. Plans for 2010. Your current job, your ideal job, your dream job

    BFuk Open Topic
    Ok people, it's a new year so a new start for everyone. What are your plans, what do you want to do?
  19. I now have my dream car! New User.

    Alright boys and girls. I'm new to the forum.. Just bought an E36 Convertible off my friend for £2200. I've just took in into my dads garage because of an overheating problem and as soon as thats sorted, I'm gonna start work on it. I've never really had my own car to work on, so i hope...
  20. Your Dream Bmw

    General BMW Discussions
    Sorry if this has been done before. What is your dream Bmw? For me it would be either the e39 m5 in Le Mans Blue or Black or the e38 750i in Black with tan leather.