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  1. Devil Eye LED Daytime Running Lamp Set for BMW 3 Series E90 and E91 - For Sale

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    Please Delete Please Delete Thanks
  2. 1996 e36 318is - window wipers possesed by the devil

    Auto Electrical Forum
    hey guys i got a sort of weird issue. my wipers NEVER go off. i got 4 positions from top to bottom: working really fast working somewhat normal working sometimes depends how fast you go working whenever he feels like it (this is the off position) i dont know what to do.. i dont understand why...
  3. devil eye lights

    BFuk Open Topic
    I am not one for moding cars like to keep them pretty much as they are but the old girl is 15 yrs old now and could do with a spruce up seen these on a 328 coupe in tbw a while ago opions please I am thinking :eek only thinking mind whether or not to spend my hard earned on...
  4. my 5 series reflecting the devil. freaky

    BFuk Open Topic
    im not into any wierd sh*t or anything but i have just been looking at the pics of the car after a wax, can you see the devil???????? thats so freaky.