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  1. BMW 840ci as a Daily Driver?

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
  2. SV60 BXB - A daily drive 320i

    New car, new blog. Having wholesomely enjoyed my E46 for the last 5 years (blog here), my next car of course had to be another 3 series. The E92 pushes all my buttons, most of all I just love the way it looks and I figured if it handles at least as well as the E46 then I'm onto a winner...
  3. 2006 320d M Sport Touring Daily Beater Progress Thread

    This thread is going to be a place for a bit of craic and a chronicle of the various jobs on my newly acquired daily beater. Everyone say hello to Betty...... My 12 year old, 190,000 mile BMW 320d M Sport Touring. This faithful old girl has served well in my other half’s family for 6 years...
  4. Black Betti: 2002 325ti Sport

    Hey guys, Here's my 2002 325ti Sport: Black Betti. I've owned her for a couple years now and I'm loving every minute of ownership. She's quick, handles like a go kart, and to this date has never really let me down! The factory specs: 2002 BMW 325ti Sport (M54B25, 140kW/189hp, 237Nm) M-Sport...
  5. Daily ride stance

    General BMW Discussions
  6. Just HAD to get a RWD car for my daily

    Hello you lot. I'm rob36 from dudley and i've just bought myself an e46compact 1.8. This is my first ever bmw. I bought it as a daily driver and i keep my 1992 rx7 twintub for the sunny days. I thought i may as well have a fun daily driver and i don't think i've done too bad at all going with...
  7. 1999 523i Daily - Clean

    Here is my first BMW, ive always been a japanese car guy and every car I've ever owned has always turned out to be a bit silly. This car will be my daily as for a stupidly quick car i have my Pulsar GTIR that i am trying to get back on the road. ive got a prefacelift 1999 523i, 84k milage...
  8. Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight!! Section
    [B]Triple QX Syn Plus 5W-40 fully synthetic motor oil is blended in the UK with the highest quality base stocks and advance additive technology. Benefits: -Ultimate oil for high-performance engines -Low drag which means more power and lower fuel consumption -Reduced need for top-up through...
  9. Daily e46, Diffuser and Splitter DIY thoughts

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    Hello everyone, I drive "minor Stanced" e46 facelift saloon and was considering making a rear diffuser and a splitter. Wanted to know everyone thoughts about making a car look like a "race car" when its a daily and not that fast :hihi Heres a picture of my black e46: Here's what i roughly...
  10. 318tds compact daily build

    So I wanted a diesel daily was looking about but I didnt want to move away from BMW, car will be used my the Mrs too and it will be her 1st car so I didnt want anything too powerful and I'll only be using it to potter about in so I spotted this car on ebay for sale as an MOT failure This is the...
  11. 320D daily

    Recently returned to the UK from working abroad, and was in need of an economical daily. My main requirement was RWD, i did some research and decided i wanted a 330D as it suited my needs and has good scope to mod. But delays in money and a desperate need for a car, i picked up this little 320D...
  12. What's a car the size of a 7 Series like to live with on a daily basis?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hey guys and girls, I've been without a car for a while now, and near the top of the large list of maybes is an F01 7 series. My worry is that I haven't owned a car of that size before and I wanted to ask owners what it's like living with a car like that on a daily basis. I live on the...
  13. Another noob - E46 325ci daily to keep miles off weekend toy

    Hey all, Going to be loitering (already have been going by my pre-existing account on here!) and checking out a few bits for my new daily which is a 2003 325ci. Not the best condition but it all works which is what counts on this car although I'll end up tidying up a number of bits :) The...
  14. BMW 530D E39 Daily Project Diesel Powerrrrr

    Well after owning an E60 5 Series 530D, E36 3 Series 328i, E46 3 series 330ci and a E30 325i M-tech which i am currently restoring :D I have always wanted a E39! So i went and bought one for a grand some of £600! Its an awful looking thing at the minute inside and out! But it wont be for long...
  15. 330Ci Daily Driver - Project

    Hi Everyone, first post on here. I have just bought a 2004 330Ci with the M-Sports pack. I'm will be updating this thread to keep track of what I do to the car and to get advice/opinions. I picked the car up yesterday and drove the 400 miles from Birmingham where I bought it home to...
  16. Cheap Daily

    I've basically just copy pasted from my introductions post so sorry if you have seen this before. I was just looking to start a progress thread:cool Hi guys! Recently bought my project for summer. It is a 1994 E36 318is Coupe, I had been on the look out for one local for a while but...
  17. Beppe's 320 E46 Daily Runner

    Yo all, I'm a long time lurker on these forums, have had my car for just over a year at the time of writing of this and have neglected it, not in bad way trust me she's been well looked after but I always bought the car on the intentions I would have it spick and span not a bolt out of place...
  18. My new daily so the M3 can be stored :-)

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    As I promised myself, the GTII is coming off the road and going back into storage. I managed to pick up a complete bargain BMW E39 528i Sport Auto I will get a photo of all three of the BMWs together at some point (E46 330i Sport, BMW M3 GTII and this Sport) Happy days
  19. E36 Compact with M52 2.5 Build my daily drive

    Hi all. Ive been meaning to post some build photos of my Compact for some time and im new to Forums. Some of this may be backdated as it started with my 56000 mile E36 323i Touring which was written off by a drunk driver when it was parked outside my house and then a Black Compact which i...
  20. Perfect daily driver - LHD 2000 BMW 316i Compact with LPG

    BMW Cars for Sale
    Hi guys, I'm selling my daily driver. Car is advertised elsewhere as well but It would not harm to have it here too. LHD BMW E36 FACELIFT 316i Compact manufactured 1999 registered 2000 with 196789km on clock - M43 (1.9L) 105hp engine of E46 with LPG conversion. Recaro seats, sport wheel, black...