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  1. Should Cyclists have to have insurance ?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Just wondering what you all think on the above topic or whether its me just being a grumpy old git ? If you've ever had the misfortune to have a cyclist hit your car and cause £££££s of damage it was the case for me that even with legal protection on your insurance policy you insurance company...
  2. Bloody Cyclists!

    General BMW Discussions
    Driving my 330 Convertible to work this morning, I'm turning right at a junction, right filter traffic light is in my favour and all the other traffic is stationary. As I make my turn a cyclist shoots between the cars stopped at the red light heading straight for me, not knowing whether he was...
  3. cyclists ?!? love em or hate em ???

    BFuk Open Topic
    chaps, back from hols and i'm here to moan. just before we went away the wife hit a cyclist. (whats he moaning about i hear you say) just a scrape to the bumper but "supposedly" a push bike write off ???? and a small cut to the womans hand i have enclosed a diagram of the scene ( drawn by...