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  1. Independent BMW Specialist in Croydon/Purley

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Dear Members, I am very new to this forum and BMW as well. Can anyone please help me suggest a reliable Indy in Croydon/Purley? Thanks, Eddy B.
  2. Recommendations for ALLOY refurb in Croydon or local area

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi guys looking to get new tires fitted and thought its best to get the wheels sorted at the same time. Was looking to get a proper refurb, and would prefer powder coated wheels. Any objections? Can anyone recommend a good place to get them done? Would like it so I can leave them the car for a...
  3. BMW REMAP in Croydon area //south London

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi folks Ive been researching into remaps for my 320ci auto. Looking to get a slight power increase in the low end revs and it would seem that a remap is the best route. Can anyone reccommend a tuners//garage in the Croydon area or sorrounding South London area? I have looked into the end but...
  4. Croydon M44 to 6 cylinder?

    BMW Engine Conversions
    hi i know ive probably bombarded this forums with engine conversion posts, just wondering whether anyone in croydon or near can do an engine conversion and if any one has any experience on how they run after the conversion. thanks
  5. Any one use RAW Spares in Croydon

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Need to get used engine put into car. Anyone have experience with RAW Spares,Unit 1A, 36-38 Mill Green Road, CR4 4HZ thanks
  6. BMW independent specialist in Purley , Croydon area

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    I have a BMW 318i (E90). my car has been diagnosed as having a faulty sump gasket because of which the engine oil level has been going down. The BMW dealee has quoted me 550 quid for this. I think its way to high. is there a independent specialist i can go to for second opinion and who can do...
  7. BMW (E46) servicing / repair in Croydon

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hello, Sorry, if these are all newbie questions as I wasn't sure where to start. 1. I need to get my BMW318i (E46) serviced in or near Croydon. I got it off a BMW dealer about 1.5yrs back but it is about 6yrs old and done only 22k miles so far. (It was 4.5yrs old and had done 18k miles...
  8. Recommend a garage near Croydon?

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Can anyone recommend a good indy garage in or near to Croydon, Surrey?
  9. Newbie from croydon

    Hi everyone my name is mike and im from croydon. Where to start, well im a full time biker and now decied to give cars ago after 7 years of biking. I brought myself a e36 316i auto coupe in silver as my first car lol. Insurance is painful but worth it, i've always been a beemer fan and hope to...
  10. Croydon,Surrey. Recomended 4 wheel alignment places?

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Can anyone suggest somewhere thats good at wheel alignment and who knows what to do to them. I changed the tourings rear trailing arm bushes yesterday and it needs a 4 wheel alignment,been to two places today,one said cant as its too low and the wheela are too wide and you cant set them up...