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    Hello, Let me introduce myself, I'm new to these forums. I currently own a BMW 330D Msport Coupe, 2010 (245bhp edition). I'm from Leeds with the view to be owning a M3 e92 Monte Carlo edition very soon! I have a massively annoying issue with my car. When I am driving the car it squeaks...
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    Sri Lanka through after beating New Zealand... BUT, Tomorrow has to be the game of the tournament, India versus Pakistan. In a meeting all day so will have to rely on updates on the phone :hissyfit One of my mates, an Indian, has the day booked off work, sending wife out just so he can enjoy...
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    If anyone is watching the match right now, England are getting wooped by Kevin O'brian !!! :jaw-dropping:jaw-dropping:jaw-dropping:jaw-dropping some fantastic batting
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    Newcastle are 4 nil down already after 26 minutes, :rofl