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    i sell a few bits and bobs on e bay and generally use MyHermes, i have used them lots of times over the last couple of years with no major problems, however, about a month ago they lost 2 of my deliveries in one week. well what a palarva trying to get a refund! they have a customer 'care' [ha!]...
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    Seeing as though the building industry is still in a dismal state, works drying up and my earlier attempt to go self employed failed misserably, Im considering a complete change of job :) Now im only qualified in Brickwork/general construction... And due to *ahem*big headedness and stupidity a...
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    Bought 4 tyres and they were to be delivered today between 9.30 and 17.30 my Mrs said she'd wait in to collect them from the driver, I said on the delivery details to leave at any neighbour or call my Mrs mobile if for any reason she wasn't in. Anyway she waited all day and kept texting me at...
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    Hi , has anyone used this couriers before because i need to send a set of 18" wheels and seems this gyus have the best prices
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    Hi guys, anybody know of any cheap couriers that can get a set of 4 17" alloys to america? Ive been quoted daft prices like £300 to £500!!! dont think the buyer will be willing to pay that. cheers guys dave