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    Hi everyone not sure if I made the right call, I booked my car to local Council MOT test center as was worry about getting ripped of by local garage, don't get me wrong there is probably few that are decent but because didn't live in this town for long I'm not sure what would be the best place...
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    All, over the past 8ish month the council has had the fabulous idea of having speedbumps rising from the grounds like mushrooms , in particular one track to the local tesco's which I have to take 2 or 3 times every week has some speedbumps, usually not a problem , but somehow I end up pushing...
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    Check this out, a friends mother, she is getting on a bit, lives in a 3 bed council house and could really do with a 1 bed flat as she no longer needs the room, so he asked the council if they could do a swap, no sir, but you can buy the house for 25% of its value :jaw-dropping well she's nearly...
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    Have a read of this ! :jaw-dropping WIRRAL COUNCIL – Admits that Council Tax is Unlawful and Sets a Legal Precedent. Incredible. We believe we have to pay council tax because that is...
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    Just wondered if anyone worked as the above and could help me with some advice on a wee pressing prob we got? Will you let me know if you can and ill PM you if thats cool. Cheers, watty
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    il swear the UN council is the new python "Peoples' Front of Judea" they never do f-ck all except talk about injustice and tyranny a lot and make a load of threats and proposals.. a bunch of toothless muppets... the UN in action...:sarcastic YouTube - Life of Brian. Activists.
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    months again i hit a pothole and done £798 of dammage, bent alloys, tyres dammaged and bushes and more. i done what they said got photos of hole and dammage and got the bmw garage to quote dammage done alot of letters. and then i get a letter saying the hole is are hole on are road and we did...