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  1. The coolest bmw in the world now on ebay! be quick

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    1991 BMW 316 I AUTO WHITE | eBay it even sits on tasteful alpinas ;)
  2. Coolest fat man with a Ukalele

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    Always heard this on films and adverts and never knew what tune this was. Israel Kamakawiwo' out he died thirteen years ago, two days ago. Aged at a measly 38. Weight obviously a factor. Anyway. I think this a really cool Hawian tune. YouTube - OFFICIAL Somewhere over the...
  3. Coolest iPhone app ever (BMW related)

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    Downloaded this a while ago and only just got around to sharing/posting.. (hopefully it's not a repost) - did a quick search and couldn't find anything.. BMW TV (do a search on Apps for BMW and you'll get it) - some actual screen shots below: tons of cool BMW videos for all you bimmer...
  4. The coolest Ferrari ever...

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    Has to be the Limited Edition China Ferrari 599 HGTE: Video of it here: It's design was inspired by ancient Chinese porcelain pottery.. no doubt it's a bit of a marmite car but I think it's pretty cool so thought I'd share! :)
  5. Is this the coolest car for £19K?

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    Was just looking on Pistonheads to see whats for sale, I stumbled across this:jaw-dropping:cool; 1996 BRABUS SL6.9 V12 509BHP Origianly built for the 1996 Frankfurt Motor show this very rare Brabus sl has a full specification costing over £160k new. It has the full Brabus conversion...
  6. who is the coolest member

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    i think ronnie is,!!!!!!!!!! happy valentines youngin lol sorry its abit late ..........if only i had a bmw and was a girl