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  1. Winner of 'Get Your Car Fixed On Us' Contest!

    Eurocarparts - Bimmerforums Shop
    Sorry for the delay, but we had a ton of entries to go through and check, but we’ve finally chosen a winner – The problem is we don’t know where they entered from (forum, facebook, twitter) So we thought we’d post this on all forums (and email him :D ) The Winner is Tom (aka Iron Hide) who...
  2. F1 - Renault don't contest race fixing?!

    BFuk Open Topic
    And Pat Symons and Flavio have resigned from the team!?!? Holy crap - is that admitting to fixing or what?? What they gonna do now? All they know is F1 racing. I wonder who will replace them...
  3. Test your reaction time - contest!!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    Found this Reaction time test meant to be for if you carry a concealed gun to see how quick you are on the draw :D Well, Im quick :hihi See attached screenshot And if you dont have a valid screenshot from your 'record' it didnt happen....! (For those who dont know -just press the print...