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    Hey al.. I have some problems with my light in the Instrument and consol " clock " I have tried to changes light switch and light dimmer, but there is no light someone there can help ? E36 - 1993 - m50 - 320I
  2. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    seen this on flee bay pretty sure it will fit a coupe can some one confirm please BMW 3 SERIES E36 FRONT CENTRE ARMREST GREY 316-328 | eBay
  3. Technical Guides for the E36, E30 and E21
    Hi all, I use the sat nav quite alot now and have been wanting to do a sat nav conversion in to the make it unique like the rest of the car:D So i thought I'd do a little 'how to' of how I did it (well started off) haven't yet purchased the new sat nav, will be a 5inch widescreen one if...
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    hi guys this is probbly a really stupid question but there is a small red button on the centre consol just in front of my gear stick and i have no idea what it dose ?? my car is a e36 320i straight six maybe lsd ? i have no idea im new to bimmas so lol thanx in advance every 1