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  1. Completed e46 318 to 325 engine swap. Need AC to work.

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hello, I’ve successfully removed a destroyed N42 engine from my e46. Ive installed an M54 325 engine and box. After a little work with the gearbox linkage, front anti roll bar, exhaust etc, it’s running perfectly and has been for a while. The only thing left for me to do is to get the air con...
  2. E36 m3 3.15 to 3.64 completed!

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Have finally sorted a 3.64 lsd diff in my m3 track car, awesome, mod very cheap for performance gains. The car just feels and alive and I'm constantly in the power band. Real test will be in 2 weeks at the nordschleife, where I can compare times. Massive thanks to Dave Rae Motorsport, for...
  3. New BMW owner. Completed the German Triad!!!

    By Triad, I mean Mercedes, BMW, ans Audi. With my new 323 is coupe, I have completed my collection. Mercedes (Chrysler Crossfire, yes, its an SLK, look it up), BMW (323is), and Audi (A4 2.8 Quattro). I love forums and audiworld has been awesome, crossfireforum has been hit and miss. I wanna know...
  4. project completed

    yes i know its not a bmw but thought I would share my current new build 98 impreza type R no 356/1000 list of modifications: Walbro fuel pump Blueprinted engine Forged internals with cosworth pistons Ported and polished cylinder heads Uprated clutch Lightened flywheel hdi front mount...
  5. 1995 E36 325i Convertible I.C.E rebuild (COMPLETED WITH PICS)

    Well ordered another DLS a3 running two on the bass. Was really excited untill found out our courier company didnt even pick it up:mad oh well...its a start!!!! the plan is to sound dead the entire boot...have two 12" subs in custom Jazz 152db box, 2 DLS A3 on the bass possibly two amps...
  6. Leather interior re-spray (COMPLETED)

    Morning All Right am going to undertake a complete re-colouring of my convertibles interior this weekend, have brought the re-colouring kit which cost me £100.00 and am going to spray the middle of the seats in Bentley dark green and the bolsters in Bentley cream, have never done anything like...