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  1. Hi All F10 Owner + Coder

    Hi there, Just a quick introduction from myself. I have owned a few BM's over the years and currently have a BMW F10 535d. I am based in Doncaster but also travel frequently to Leeds, Wakefield, Selby, York, Castleford. I also offer coding on the BMWs if any of you guys are on Facebook and...
  2. 2012 528ix Greetings I'm trying to locate a coder here in Las Vegas

    Just purchased the 528i but without that comfort package I cannot unlock the doors at shutoff. I noticed a list of friendly coders in the forum but can't figure out how to contact. Travis "Crickett" showed he lives here in Las Vegas. Thanks in advance
  3. 2010 F11 530D SE - diagnostics/ coder?

    Diagnostic Hardware and Software Discussion forum
    Hello Please could someone advise me on the best diagnostic kit I could get for my car? I can see ones on ebay for £40 and others on different sites for several hundred quid. What's the difference? I just want something that helps me diagnose or sort basic problems with my car. I haven't many...
  4. Bah! Spaghetti Coder gone from our lives!!!

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Typical. Far too useful for us mere mortals SpaghettiCoder BMW TIS and WDS removed by request from BMW AG
  5. fault finder coder

    BFuk Open Topic
    hope ive got it right has anyone local to me in mildenhall suffolk got a fault finder coder ive replaced light bulb in abs but light is still on i just need to find out if any of the sensors have gone cheers bill:thumbsup