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    Anybody want to invite me into one for a final hurrah before Black Ops comes out? :thumbsup
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    I have been playing Modern warfare 2 for some time and fancied a blast on the previous, now when loading i get as far as find game, then goes to finding game settings then thats it, sits like that for ages, i can come out then back in again but it still just keeps saying finding game settings...
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    i dont know if any one has the same feeings as me but what do you think to the new game? im having a love hate thing at the moment, i love it to bits and am so addicted i cant put it down, but i am having real problems with the kills, im shooting people in the head and they are just not dieing...
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    Hi me and a thew mates are gonna do a bit of the (above) any1 interested add me on xbl and ur welcome to join in GT: Lethal Dappa look forward to meeting some of u
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    anybody on here play call of duty 4 on the ps3????