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  1. clueless in search of first beamer

    Hello, please excuse all my ignorance of everything BMW as i have never been lucky enough to own one YET. I am about to leave the Saab owners family and have set my heart on BMW which will have to be petrol as i do not wish to go through the torment of DPF removals and remaps again. I would be...
  2. FABRIC ROOF CLEANING / RECONDITIONING HELP ?? first fabric roof.. bit clueless :p

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    Hi all Ive got a 645ci E64, and when i brought it, i popped off to halfords and got some autoglym roof care products, which consisted of a spray on cleaner with a rough sponge, and a spray on and leave to dry sealer. i washed my car yesterday and noticed it had a lot of greeny browny looking...
  3. New and clueless

    Hello all, I'm Mick and as the title says I don't have a clue about fixing cars and stuff. Really hoping to learn. I have a (e46) 2003 320D. I've had it almost 3 years and love the thing. Over the next few days I'm planning on cleaning the EGR valve thanks to this site and a superb guide on...
  4. E46 2003 320 CD - New clueless member alert lol

    Just saying hello! I am the proud owner of a very smart silver 320 CD and will be milking the compliments in work tomorrow. :D I got it on Friday after part exing my Pug 406 Coupe and plan on servicing/cleaning regularly as this has to be the best car I've owned and deserves to be respected...
  5. completely clueless

    Eurocarparts Feedback Forum
    i have phoned up twice before and both times they haven't seemed to have a clue about what they are selling, i havejust had my order turn up and yes it is wrong. now when i am trying to sort this out i have to buy the correct parts that i ordered in the first place and then wait to return the...
  6. 2001 320d e46 Clueless, naive and in need of help changing headlight bulb

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi I'm a young guy with a BMW 320D (V reg) and one of the headlights has gone on my front passenger side. I can obtain a replacement bulb but how easy is it to change the bulb? Do I need to lift my bonnet to get access? If so, how do I pop open my bonnet? Please speak to me in lamens terms as...