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    So alongside their new show - they are doing a thing called Drive Tribes. I submitted this video to their "talent" search... thing... and I got in. That is crazy... At least I think so. And it all started with 1 video I posted here and got some nice feedback. I'm not celebrating yet but...
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    Clarkson on: leaving Top Gear TV - BBC Top Gear
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    I know he's not to everyone's taste (bit like marmite) but with the current public behind him at 71% vote that he should keep his job I hope he does :thumbsup Having watched all the videos and his own explanation and video of apology I personally don't see the need to take this further given...
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    As titled BBC boss sank Clarkson satnav deal - Yahoo! TV UK so if you use a satnav who would you like to hear ,me personally i would have yoda ah turn right you must ,round about 1st exit it will be ,destonation arrive you have :rofl:rofl
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    Good work the guy that did this, :D Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox - Swede Mason - YouTube
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    Even when it was new he said about the loose steering! looks like we never had a chance:rofl YouTube - Bmw e46 328i on top gear
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    I just read Jezza's column in the sun, where he confesses that he is now suddenly allergic to nickel. That means he can't wear jeans or belts, or handle money [coins, anyway] He claims he will now be presenting Top Gear naked from the waist down... Should we be starting a petition against...
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    I have a feeling that Topgears Jeremy Clarkson always ranks the english cars higher than german cars. What do you british people think, am I right or wrong?
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    I've seen reference to the video from Top Gear when Clarkson test drove the E46 330 CI. Problem is that all of the links I find are broken:frown Can anyone help?:thumbsup
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    Anyone seen this.. jeremy clarkson is behind that door?:hihi