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    Detailing Noob... Clay Bar-ing / Chipex repair / Polishing question Hi All Washed my car today & plan to clay it tomorrow. Then the plan is to polish out the swirl marks (which are all over the car) with polishing compound, use chipex paint repair on some stone chips/ little scratches etc...
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    Hello, If your car has stone chips that you would like to repair prior to the winter months and salt on the road arriving please look at the Chipex Paint Chip Repair System. We are offering a 15% Discount to all Bimmer Forum members. Discount Code: BMW11 We can make...
  3. Chipex Bimmerforums Shop
    Just filled some chips in 1 yr old car, perfect color match :) Rubbing compound excellent, needs T cut & wax after. The brush in the paint bottle is way too big, I used a thin wedge of cardboard to fill the small chips.
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    Hi guys, I bought some of your stuff to use on my daughter's E91 (colour Le Mans blue) which had been 'keyed' on just about every panel by some mindless yob. The scratches are through to the primer coat below. However although I have used Chipex before on stone chips and been well satisfied...
  5. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    HI, Ive just tried Chipex, and Im really sorry to say that I dont think its very good. Ive previously used the halfords stone chip kit with better results (even if the colour match isnt perfect, with a bit of effort and polish/compound you can match it 99.9%). Has anyone else used chipex, and if...
  6. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    Hello, We are offering a 15% Discount to all BMW Forum members on the Chipex Stone Chip Repair System. The discount code is: BMW10 YouTube - stone chip repair kit.flv
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    The ChipEx Group Buy is now Active!! The discount code to receive your 25% discount is: GB10 The code is only valid until the end of the week so please do get in before it expires.
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    As the title guys, you can 100% trust these guys to deliver quickly, package arrived very quickly, will post again with pics when used but all in all a very easy transaction, thank you Johhny at Chipex :thumbsup For those that haven't bought yet, Chipex have a 25% group buy discount which will...
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    The ChipEX Group Buy is now active! The discount code is: GB10 Please do hurry along as the code is active for only 1 week.